Defqon.1 Australia | AniMe | Interview & promo mix

Thanks to her high-energy sets and magnetic charisma, AniMe also goes through life as ‘The Goddess of Hardcore’. Her track A-Bomb was one of the biggest hardcore tracks of 2012, and she was also involved last year with the hugely successful #tih project. AniMe will finally be making her Australian debut at this year’s Defqon.1 Festival at the Black stage, and unless her busy schedule she made some time available for us to do a special interview and a 30-min warm up mix.

While the AniMe name has been around for 6 or 7 years, you have actually been in the scene a lot longer than that. What were you doing before AniMe?
I started DJing around the North of Italy in 2000, and later in the same year I signed with the D-Boy Black Label, which in those times was an important part of the Italian Hardcore movement. I then also started to produce my first releases under the name “Radioactive”. I began to work with the name AniMe in 2008 when The Stunned Guys proposed that I joined Traxtorm Records, so I wanted to change artist name, marking a new important period of my life. Music effectively became my work in 2010 when I decided to dedicate all my time to it, also becoming the Label Manager for Traxtorm Records.

When becoming a DJ, what made you decide on hardcore?
Actually, I have always loved many kinds of electronic music, but at the time I raved a lot at techno, trance, progressive and hardcore parties. But I decided to play hardcore because it was definitely funnier at me, powerful and perfectly in line with what I felt inside of me at that moment. Hardcore for me is happiness, rhythm and an uncontrollable desire to dance and jump.

It’s probably a common question, but how have you found being a woman in a male dominated scene? Has it been easy or a challenge?
I thought it could be easier, because in the past I worked in female-dominated places and the atmosphere was very heavy, every day there were stupid arguments because of jealousy and envy. Now I have realized it doesn't matter if you are in a male or female oriented scene, because envy is everywhere.

You have had huge hits with tracks like ‘A-Bomb’ and ‘Hardcore Machine’ with Mad Dog, and you have played at all the major festivals in Europe. It’s been a big career so far, what are you most proud of?
Yes, from when I started to now I’ve had lots of huge accomplishments, and many things made have me proud. But I'm most proud to have reached the public respect I have, because there are many prejudices about female DJs.

You are born and bred Italian, but The Netherlands is historically the home of hardcore music. What are the differences between Dutch hardcore and the Italian hardcore you play?
Every label has its own sound, and gives a different vibe during livesets. The sound of Traxtorm Records is energetic and born for the dance floor. It's technically evolving and fusing new sounds and techniques with hardcore traditions. Nice music has always been the power of Italian artists, but unfortunately we don't have big Festivals in Italy.

This is your first trip to Australia for Defqon.1, what are you expecting from the party and the crowd here?
I expect to have a good time with people during my set, and to spend the rest of the day raving together with the other artists. It will be a great day!

Is there anything else you really want to do or see while you’re in Australia?
I would like to see some kangaroos and koalas on the dance floor (laughs).

Click here to check the special 30-min warm-up mix that AniMe made in the lead up to her debut set at Defqon.1 (or listen via the player below), and become a fan of the Italian goddess on Facebook.