Defqon.1 Australia | Bass Modulators | Interview & promo mix

This September may mark their very first trip to Australia, but for the Bass Modulators, this is the next step in a career, which has already seen them headline events all over Europe. From Q-BASE to Freaqshow, Defqon.1 Festival to Q-dance @ Tomorrowland, as well as gigs in Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and the list goes on. They also produced the anthem for Team Yellow at this year’s Hard Bass event in the Netherlands, titled ‘Requi3m’.  Signed to Scantraxx Recordz, they have a sound that is both hard and uplifting, and both their solo tracks and their collaborations have been igniting dance floors across the world. We spoke to them about what they have in store for us this year at Defqon.1 in Australia.

This is your first trip to Australia, what are you expecting from the crowd here?
We’ve seen some aftermovies of previous editions of Defqon.1 in Australia. We think the Australian crowd is full of energy and fully dedicated to the scene. We will definitely give the energy back to the crowd.

How would you describe your sound to Aussies who may not be familiar with Bass Modulators? What should we be expecting?
Our sound can be described as uplifting with deep melodies and heavy mid-intros. We love the Trance and Dance influence in Hardstyle and this is the way we approach every new track. We like best of both worlds.

Over the course of your career so far, you have collaborated with a whole stack of artists from B-Front to Frequencerz and up and coming talents Audiotricz. Is there anyone you are really keen to work with?
We hope to work with Noisecontrollers some day. These guys were upcoming when we started our career and we followed them all the way to where they are now. They have always been leading with the tracks and sound they bring and therefore a huge inspiration for us in the studio.

Ever had an awkward moment on stage? For example an over-enthusiastic MC or drunken partygoers coming on stage while you are playing?
We’ve had all sorts of these things. An over-enthusiastic MC was one of them indeed (laughs). We killed the Mic channel after 20 minutes and he didn’t even notice. We can be over-enthusiastic as well. It happened more than once while mixing that we pulled off a knob or two. It’s pretty hard to turn up the bass without a knob while mixing.

You guys have achieved a lot in your career so far and this year is proving to be a massive break through. What is left on your wish list?
There are still lots of goals to achieve. The one that will always be a milestone would be Qlimax. One of the first Hardstyle parties we’ve been as a visitor. Coming to Australia this year is another one. Yet after those goals, there are still many continents left to conquer so there’s a lot of work to be done, and we love it!

Check out the special Defqon.1 promo mix from the Bass Modulators here, or via the player below, and if you like what you hear make sure to hit that 'Like' button on their Facebook page