Defqon.1 Australia - Fashion on the festival field

Last year you dressed to impress the masses at Defqon.1. There were a variety of fashions on the Festival Field and here are some of the key styles we’ve sighted. Searching for inspiration? Take a few helpful hints from these festival fashionistas!

Cyber Raver
Normally something you would find in a sci-fi magazine, Cyber Ravers aka Cyber Goths, are out of this world! They are often sighted wearing bright neon colours, moon boots, sporting wacky hair styles and crazy hair extensions, outlandish make-up and having an affinity for the bizarre. Optional accessories include: goggles, gas masks or doctors’ masks and multiple body piercings. Whoever you are, we salute your individual sense of style and the colours you bring to the party!

Raver Baby
Skimpy and scandalous is the order of the day for these party girls! Only the bare minimum is worn and it seems the most covered part of their bodies, are their legs. Fluffies of any colour and variety are an essential element in the Raver Baby dress code. Whatever the outfit we admire your young and fun attitude!

Kandi Raver
Crazy, colourful and creatively decorated, it’s hard to miss the authentic Kandi Raver. Decked out with intrinsically designed bracelets, aka kandi, these guys live by the PLUR motto (Peace Love Unity Respect). Spotted giving away their hard earned kandi to the worthy party pals, these guys spread the love with whoever they are around. Keep PLUR alive and kicking!

Old Skool Raver
“Back in the day...” A phrase often heard from the Old Skool Raver and they would know because they were there! Smiley faces, baggy pants with reflective strips and sometimes the occasional pac man running up the side of their leg. While some of these party veterans are easy to spot, there are many who have converted to being New Skool Ravers. Regardless of your outfit of choice, we salute you and the Old Skool spirit you bring to the party!

Custom Rave Crew
Customisation is key for the Rave Crew and wow, some go all out! Up all night before a party planning and preparing, these guys and gals are dressed to impress, with matching outfits and matching attitudes. The modern day Rave Crew are out to have a good time in style and they excel in this area. Keep it coming! The more creative the better, we see you and love it!

Fancy Dress Raver
When Alice fell down the rabbit hole and landed in Defqon.1, her friends from Wonderland were beside themselves with fright. It was not until the Madhatter went to check it out and sent word, the others soon followed. Superman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman too, they all came out for a day of partying. The Fancy Dress Raver is truly unique in their ability to put on any outfit and instantly pick up the powers of the fantasy character. This year Defqon.1 is searching for the Incredible Hulk to help build the stage. Any takers?

New Skool Raver
Whether they have or haven’t been in the scene since “back in the day” they know what it’s all about. Sporting less conspicuous outfits, the New Skool Raver is often sighted in modest rave attire. Crop tops for girls, wifebeater singlets for guys and practical pants with heaps of pockets; you know what you are in for and are dressed for the occasion. We salute your energy, enthusiasm and anything goes attitude, see you at Defqon.1!

Under Cover Ravers: Get in the spirit guys!
Who are you and where are you because we can’t see you! Dressed for any occasion you could be walking down the street for the milk or visiting grandma, no one would pick you as going to a party. For many of those new to the scene, get into the spirit! We aren’t the everyday festival so don’t wear the everyday outfit!