Defqon.1 Australia | Partyraiser to raise the paaarty!

In a career spanning over 20 years, Wesley van Swol, known to his fans as DJ Partyraiser, has played nearly every party imaginable. From the early editions of Megarave and Hardcore4Life, to Dominator, Thunderdome and Defqon.1, there are very few crowds in the hardcore scene who haven’t felt his high-tempo energy. Even with this impressive career behind him, he has never been to Australia. This September, that’s about to change as he raises the party at Defqon.1!

This year you closed the Black stage on the Saturday of Defqon.1 in the Netherlands - in the rain! How was that?
Besides the honour of closing the Black stage, it was also a blast to see all the party heads jumping and getting wicked during my set. They were all partying despite the rain! It was amazing!

When you started out in music, was it always hardcore you wanted to be involved with?
I started listening to hardcore music in the early 90’s. Since day one I was addicted to this music style! In 1993 I decided to start with my DJ career, as I was a huge fan of some great DJs of the time, they inspired me.

Over the last 15 years, the hardcore scene and hardcore sound has evolved and grown, what is it (in your opinion) that has kept you at the top of the game?
It is strange to say these things about myself… But just say it’s likely that my choice of records and the way of playing appeals to my fans.

How would you describe the Partyraiser sound to people who may not have heard you play out before?
Hard, diverse, but always accessible. I love to create my own atmosphere and a good vibe, without too many breaks. I prefer to be different than other artist in my style and choice of tracks.

You've played at well over 1000 parties in your career, if you had to select just one highlight, what would it be? What is your biggest moment?
To be honest, I have many highlights. I’ve played at so many badass gigs, but I will never forget my first performance in the famous Energyhall in Rotterdam. Also, when I think of my performance in Jaarbeurs/Utrecht with 20,000 party people at Thunderdome calling out my name I still get goosebumps. Another one that’s very special for me is my first experience at The Borchlandhallen/Amsterdam, when I played a track from a very famous Dutch singer who had passed away, many people were emotional and were all singing together.

And last but not least my own gigs BKJN vs Partyraiser in Zaandam (NL), with so many big banners with my name - the list goes on and on… I’m blessed.

As this is your first trip to Australia, is there anything you're looking forward to other than Defqon.1? Anything you must do while you're here?
Australia is so big and so unbelievably beautiful and I’m (only) staying for 5 days, which is waaaaaay too short! So I will just concentrate on the party, some Ozzie BBQ/Steaks/Grill and beers, and of course all the nice nature around me (laughs). But I will be back after Defqon.1 sometimes for sure to do a 3 weeks holiday!

Thanks Q-dance for the interview, I’m glad to finally play Down Under, and I hope there are many times to follow! Partyfreaks from Australia, be ready for some serious beats… It’s time to raise the party!!!!!

Before Partyraiser joins us in September for Defqon.1, make sure to check out his special Defqon.1 warm-up mix below, check his personal shout-out message here, and make sure to become a fan of Partyraiser on Facebook if you like what you hear!