Q-dance in Australia | What to expect for 2014

Dear Q-dancers,

Happy New Year! We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our plans for 2014.

2013, what a year!
Before we look ahead into 2014, let’s highlight the past year. It was a BIG year – exponential in fact. For the first time in history, with the likes of IQON and Defqon.1, two major outdoor hard dance festivals took place in Sydney. Astonishingly, twelve Australian acts represented our country at Defqon.1 in The Netherlands in June, and for the last 6 months or so, various club events have catered for the harder styles, which have been very successful. It has been a long time coming, but we are absolutely stoked to have such a thriving hard dance scene in Australia. Thanks to your ongoing support and dedication, we have been able to contribute a large part to this success.

At Q-dance our aim is to grow, and maintain a healthy hard dance scene for generations to come. The future is bright and we are excited for what lies ahead. However it is with much regret to say IQON will not be returning in April 2014. In the coming year our concentrated focus will be on Defqon.1.

Defqon.1 2014
Defqon.1 Australia currently reaches to most corner of the country and further abroad, and in future years, it is our aim to grow Defqon.1 Australia's position to being one of the most iconic music events in the world.
The Defqon.1 2014 date is set - we are pleased to announce that Defqon.1 will take place on the weekend of September 20th. Save the date and plan ahead for your Defqon.1 adventure!

Other events in 2014
Besides Defqon.1, we will also continue to support various smaller events. As you may have noticed, since 2013 we teamed up with some international artists for their Australian tours. By supporting these headliners we are helping to expose underground dance fans to the Hardstyle sound in more cities, whilst creating a platform for local talent to showcase their music to larger crowds. We see it as part of our duty to secure a vibrant scene for future generations, and therefore we enthusiastically support Australian talent in any way possible.

2014's first tour will be held at the end of this month with the World’s no.1 hard dance DJ, Headhunterz. We will host another event early May.

Monthly Radio show and talent contest
Since the launch of the Down Underground Radio show in January 2013, the Australian show on Q-dance Radio has become one of the most popular shows in its kind. To increase the reach of the show on a national level we are working hard on finding FM radio stations that are willing to broadcast the show on a monthly basis. To further expand the search and support of local talent, we are also planning a national talent contest in 2014.

Ambassador program
Since 2009, hundreds of the most loyal and passionate Q-dance fans have been representing and promoting us - day in, day out, all around the country. In preparation for Defqon.1 2014, we are currently making some small updates to our Ambassador program and we hope to launch a new Ambassador website in the first half of this year.

Merchandise store
We will launch an Australian online Q-dance merchandise store in the first half of 2014. This means that stock of your favourite merchandise items will be held locally, instead of overseas, and shipping times will be much faster.

We recommend keeping an eye on and for the official updates and announcements for what’s coming up.

We look forward to another amazing year for Hardstyle in Australia.

Party on!