Qlimax 2017 | All You Need To Know


Batavierenweg 25
6841 HN Arnhem 

Opening hours 
The GelreDome opens its doors at 21:00 and Qlimax ends at 07:00. 

Ticket sales
Qlimax is completely sold out.

You must present your ticket at the entrance. Please enter through the entrance stated on your ticket (entrance E, entrance Q or VIP) because you will not be able to enter the event via any other entrance.

Bring your ID 
The minimum age for Qlimax is 18 years old. Avoid disappointment and make sure to bring a valid ID with you. No ID, means no entry.


Please share your expectations about Qlimax 2017 with us. Your involvement helps us for the upcoming editions and it will take just 3 minutes. Click here.


Public transport
Are you travelling to Qlimax using public transport? Plan your trip on, from your home to Arnhem Central train station. A shuttle bus service will be available to take you from the station directly to the GelreDome. 

At you can find the schedule for the first trains leaving from Arnhem Central station on Sunday morning.

Shuttle bus
There is a shuttle bus service between Arnhem Central railway station and GelreDome. The first shuttle to GelreDome departs at 19:00. The first shuttle in the morning departs at 06:00. 

Shuttle tickets are only available at the shuttle stop. A shuttle bus ticket (return) costs €5,-. More info about the shuttle busses.

Event Travel
Event Travel buses operate from more than 100 locations in the Netherlands. This way, Qlimax is still very easy to reach for visitors who aren’t able or willing to go by car. Read more about bus the stops, schedules, prices, and booking tickets.

Is your boarding location of choice not included in the schedule? When you’re traveling to Qlimax with more than 15 people who all want to board at the same place, Event Travel will arrange a pick-up for you.

Self-organized bus tour

If you are organizing your own bus, please register your bus at You will then receive all the essential information three days before the event. 

Car and parking
When traveling to Qlimax by car, please follow the “P—Gelredome” and “P—QLIMAX” signs on the side of the road. The route to the event will be clearly marked from all roads.

You can get your parking pass in advance for €12. Parking tickets at the venue cost €13. A P-Bezoekers ticket will give you access to one of the parking areas around GelreDome (P-1 GelreDome or an extern parking area). Do you want to be assured of a parking lot at P-1 GelreDome? Order a P-Guarantee ticket for €17,50. This parking ticket will give you access to the P-1 GelreDome parking area till 01.00. All parking tickets are available at

Kiss & Ride

If somebody drops you off or picks you up, make use of the “Kiss & Ride” located at the Rijnhal. It is within walking distance from the GelreDome.

Qlimax Hotel Packages

Qlimax Hotel Packages are sold out.


We won’t communicate the timetable. Make sure you’re at the GelreDome early, so you won’t miss anything.

Q-dance Radio
This week is Qlimax week on Q-dance Radio. Relive some of the previous edition’s highlights from Monday till Friday.

Don’t have a ticket for Qlimax? Don’t worry! Qlimax will be broadcasted LIVE on Q-dance Radio from 22:00 till 07:00 (CET).

This year’s official Qlimax anthem is produced by Wildstylez. Check the anthem video ‘Temple of Light’.

Download/stream ‘Wildstylez – Temple of Light’.

This year there will be a Qlimax compilation. Check the album mix on YouTube. The compilation is available now and is also available at the CD stands in the back of the GelreDome and at the CD runners. Here you can pay with cash or GelreDome wallet.

Signing sessions
Do you want to have your CD signed by Wildstylez? You will find the signing session at the CD stand at the back on the left side of GelreDome between 02.30 and 3.00.  


Complete your Qlimax collection by visiting one of the merchandise stands in the GelreDome. At the merchandise stands you can only pay with cash or card (not with the GelreDome Wallet). Besides the indoor merchandise stands, we have a merchandise stand outside GelreDome which is opened from 17.00 (CET).

Payment method
GelreDome introduced a new payment system last year: the Wallet. The Wallet is a payment card which you can use to buy your consumptions inside GelreDome. During Qlimax, you can buy the Wallet at one of the vending machines inside or at one of the staffed payment kiosks. Accepted payment methods are debit card, cash or credit card. You will not be able to purchase merchandise with your Wallet. Read more information about the Wallet. 


At the entrance tents of the GelreDome, lockers will be available to store your belongings. You can buy your locker at the GelreDome. We have lockers that open with a code instead of a key, so you don’t have to pay a deposit. A locker will cost €7,-.

Please note: 
If you have a regular ticket, it will not be possible to access your locker during the event. VIP ticket holders will have their lockers in the VIP area and are accessible at any time during the event.  

VIP ticket holders will have access to a separate VIP entrance to Qlimax, VIP area with lounge facilities and free lockers and a special VIP viewing stage.

Laser pointers are not allowed, and will be confiscated.

We work together with iLost. If you lost personal stuff like keys, wallets, phones or your favourite sweater during Qlimax, go to the website of iLost. Just enter the item you lost in the search window. If you found something that doesn’t belong to you, make the owner happy and place it on iLost.

Photography, video and audio recordings
You can bring your camera to the event, it doesn't matter how big or (un)professional your 'gear' is. Also a selfie stick permitted, provided no longer than 1 meter. Don't forget to share your pictures/video clips on social media using #Qlimax.

Social media
We like to see your pictures, so post them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. Join the Facebook event and invite your friends. Use #Qlimax in all your social media updates.

Our social media
Snapchat: Q_dance

There are no ATM’s available, but you can use your card to purchase the GelreDome Wallet and merchandise. We still recommend bringing some cash with you.

The drugs policy at Q-dance events is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed. 

There is free tap water to the visitors at the toilets. Here you can easily refill your bottles for free. It is not allowed to bring your own bottles. You can always get a free plastic cup at one of the bars or refill a bottle you bought there. 

Unity / Celebrate Safe
During Qlimax we celebrate safely. If you have any questions about the use of alcohol or other drugs, you’re welcome for a chat at the celebrate safe stand supported by Unity. Unity is an open minded harm reduction project in the Dutch party scene. Their volunteers are to be found in the hallway of the venue. They will be happy to talk to you and share their knowledge. When you’re (or your friend) not feeling well, please visit our Celebrate safe team at the first aid. The first aid team is your friend, and are here to help you without judgement. 

Hearing damage prevention

You have only got one pair of ears, so be careful with those. Make sure you wear hearing protection. Also don’t stand too close to speakers, because you can suffer from hearing loss afterwards. You can buy earplugs at the bars and vending machines, which you can find right after entrance E and Q. 

Take care of yourself... and each other
As always, our motto is, "come together, stay together, leave together", so take care of yourself and each other!

We wish you an amazing night at Qlimax!