Privacy Policy

1. General

This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to the processing of personal data by Q-International B.V. and describes which personal data it processes and how these are used. Q-International B.V. also processes the personal data supplied by you for Q-dance B.V. and companies affiliated with these companies (hereinafter jointly to be referred to as: Q-dance).

Q-dance offers wide-ranging Services to Users online, including via social media, which may entail the collection of personal data, such as:

- the option to purchase tickets for events;

- offer of information (including audiovisual material, such as films, television series, trailers and previews) on Q-dance websites;

- mobile apps.

The Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to any Services offered by Q-dance on the Internet and via apps.

If a User accepts this Privacy and Cookie Statement on a Q-dance platform (for example at, such consent also applies to multiple Q-dance platforms (cross-domain). Click here for a list of Q-dance websites that are subject to cross-domain consent.

As will be explained further below, Q-dance collects data on the Users:

a)         when they register for the Services for the first time (using a Q-dance Account) and when they then start using the Services;

b)         when they use the Services (website visit and app use) and

c)          in any contact between Q-dance and the User.

That information will be used (sometimes in combination with other information) to facilitate the provision and invoicing of the Services, to improve the Services, to compile a profile to tailor the Services or advertisements and other commercial communication to the User’s personal preferences, to offer support to the User, and for the other purposes described in this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Q-dance has reported the processing of personal data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, formerly known as College bescherming persoonsgegevens), under number M1651200.


2. Definitions 

Q-dance Account:             the personal registration, consisting of the user name/email address and password, with which the User is allowed access to the Services.

Devices:                          the devices, such as PCs, smartphones or tablets, that can be used to gain access to the Services.

Content:                          information (including audiovisual material such as trailers and previews) made available by Q-dance as part of the Services.

Services:                         the services offered by Q-dance to the Users on the Internet and via apps, whether or not for payment, via the Q-dance Account, via unregistered website visits and via app use, and only for end use subject to the Q-dance Terms of Use, such as

User:                               the natural person not acting in the conduct of a profession or business who purchases Services from Q-dance.

Personal Data:                  any data concerning the User, with which the User can be traced back either directly or indirectly, including an IP address.

Privacy and Cookie Statement:  this Q-dance Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Q-dance:                          the private limited liability company Q-International B.V., Noordeinde 128 H (1121 AL) in Landsmeer.


3. How Q-dance collects information 

Q-dance collects information on the Users in the following ways:

Directly from the person concerned:
for instance, when the person concerned creates a Q-dance Account, when this person registers for a special Q-dance promotion, when a User sends an email or contacts Q-dance in other ways, for example with questions on the use of the Services or when Q-dance allows Users to post their own information on websites.

As a result of the use of the Services:
Users can use their Q-dance Account to access the Services, and Q-dance can also offer the Services to persons without a Q-dance Account. Subject to the User’s consent, Q-dance may read and store the individual characteristics of the Device used for the purpose of the Services. Based on the Q-dance Account and/or the individual characteristics of the Device with which the User has access to the Services, Q-dance can log the use made by the Users of the Services, including the Content viewed by using the Q-dance Account. In so far as use is made of mobile devices, for the purpose of the Services Q-dance will be informed of the location of the Device. Prior to installing such apps on a mobile Device, the User is explicitly asked to give consent for the storage and use of the User’s location information. In addition, Q-dance uses cookies (see below) to collect data on the use of the Services.

From third parties:
If a User or other visitor to a Q-dance website uses, for example, social network functions that are integrated into our Services, Q-dance may receive certain information from the social network concerned, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Q-dance may also receive information from partners deployed in the Services. For example, Q-dance uses services from other parties assisting it in identifying and analysing the use of the Content and websites. One example of this is Google Analytics. This is a tool giving Q-dance insight into how Users view a Q-dance website (what do users click on and how often).

Third parties may also include partners that facilitate the payment of the Services on the User’s instructions. Examples are iDeal, PayPal or Ayden, which facilitates payment transactions between Users and Q-dance’s services and products.


4. Cookies 

Cookies are small files that can be placed from Q-dance websites on the User’s Devices. This way, Users can be easily identified during a subsequent visit without having to log in again on their Q-dance Account.

Cookies can also be used to collect information from other visitors to the Q-dance websites (who are not logged in with a Q-dance Account) on their use of the websites.

There are different types of cookies. In some instances, cookies are removed automatically when the User closes his browser, in others these cookies are stored for longer periods of time and can also be read during a next use of the Services.

To the extent Q-dance collects personal data using cookies, these are processed in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Q-dance places its own cookies to recognise the User during a next visit without this User having to log in again using his Q-dance Account. Q-dance can also place cookies for the purpose of making profiles. Q-dance may also place tracking cookies used by Q-dance when you, as a visitor, go on to visit third-party websites where the RTB / Programmatic Buying network/Q-dance can place advertisements. In addition, Q-dance uses third parties to analyse the use of its Content, websites, apps and the Services.

These third parties also place cookies on your Devices for Q-dance, which are used to identify how Users use the Services. Examples are Google Analytics and comScore.

Third-party cookies are placed on your Devices by third parties, and only those third parties have access to such cookies and the information collected by the cookies. Third parties that may place cookies via the Services may include advertising networks that place advertisements on the Q-dance websites. Examples of such parties are RTB / Programmatic Buying. Advertising networks generally leave what are known as tracking cookies behind on your Devices. Tracking cookies enable advertisers to follow your surfing behaviour, allowing them to show advertisements that are as relevant as possible on the websites visited by you.

Social network services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can also place cookies via the Q-dance websites. This is done via the buttons of these social networks that can be offered on the Q-dance websites to promote (“like”) or to share (“tweet”) Content.

Click here for a comprehensive list of all the cookies placed from the Q-dance website.

For more information on the cookies placed by other parties from the Q-dance websites and on how and for what purpose these cookies are used, read the privacy & cookie statements of these parties on their respective websites.

Browser applications can be set up in such a way that no new cookies will be received during the next use of the Services.

The manner in which this is done differs per browser; if necessary, consult the browser’s help function.

The help function also explains how cookies placed earlier can be removed. Please note that a visitor of the website or a User who does not wish to receive any more cookies at all must change these settings in all browsers and on all Devices used.

If cookies are refused and/or removed, the User or the visitor of the Services may be blocked from using all the options of the Services.

a. To be able to offer the Services
For example, Q-dance uses the Q-dance Account to grant access to the Services and the Content, and other information provided during registration (such as a name and date of birth) can be used to ascertain whether the User complies with the requirements set. Any contact details provided can be used to inform you about, for example, changes in the Services or scheduled maintenance (service emails).

b. To complete payments:
Certain details requested during registration may be needed to complete the invoicing and payment process for the Services.

c. To identify individual preferences and personalise the Services and advertisements:
Q-dance endeavours to make the Services as relevant as possible for the User. For that reason, Q-dance may modify the Content, including advertisements on websites and in apps, in line with the User’s preferences and make personal recommendations. To do so, Q-dance maintains a profile based on the use of the Services made by the User, including the Content requested by the User, to form a picture of the User’s likely interests. Based on these interests, Q-dance can then modify the Content, including advertisements on Q-dance websites and in apps, for various types of groups of customers, or procure such modification. For example, the User can be classified in a particular category based on surfing behaviour, such as “men in age category 30 to 45, married with children and interested in football”. This group will be shown other advertisements than the category “women in age category 20 to 30, single and interested in travel”.

Q-dance can also use these profiles for campaigns for online advertisers. Q-dance is and will remain the owner of such profiles and will never make such profiles available to third parties. The profiles used in this manner always relate to a group of users (for example “women in age category 20 to 30”) and therefore do not pertain to individuals.

d. To send news letters and promotions:
Q-dance may also use contact details and other data collected to draw attention to its own promotions or offers by telephone, by post, email, text messages, push messages from apps or other appropriate direct media (promotional email), or to keep Users informed about the Services and the Content (newsletter emails).

Users may opt out of this at any time.

As regards people other than Users, Q-dance will only approach them if the person concerned requested such, for example by registering for that purpose.

e. To improve the Services and identify general trends:
Q-dance uses the (user) data of all Users to generally analyse how the Services are used and which trends can be observed therein, in order to take better informed decisions about, for example, the further development of the Services and offer of Content. Trends of a more technical nature can also be identified for that purpose, for example the types of Devices or browsers used by Users to request Content.

f. To combat abuse:
Q-dance also processes the information on the Users and the use of the Services to combat abuse of the Services and the Content, to prevent fraud (for example fraud involving credit cards and other means of payment), and to secure rights of others (including the parties with legal title to the Content).


g. For market research purposes:
Q-dance may contact Users and former Users and visitors of the Services who have provided their contact details for market research purposes. Participation in such research is always voluntary. Based on this research, Q-dance may send offers to Users who participated in this research, if they first gave their permission.

Information can be used to meet laws and regulations to which Q-dance is subject, to handle disputes and to have checks and audits performed.

i. For other reasons allowed or prescribed by law: 
Q-dance can also use these profiles for campaigns for online advertisers. Q-dance is and will remain the owner of such profiles and will never make such profiles available to third parties. The profiles used in this manner always relate to a group of users (for example “women in age category 20 to 30”) and therefore do not pertain to individuals.


6. What information does Q-dance collect on Users? 

Q-dance collects and processes the following information on the Users for the purposes explained elsewhere in this Privacy and Cookie Statement:

a. Contact details and Q-dance Account
Q-dance saves the contact details provided by Users when they register for the Q-dance Account or a promotion. The registration procedure states whether or not the information requested is obligatory.

b. Payment details
If a payment must take place, Q-dance will have the party who arranges the payment on its behalf store information on the (manner of) invoicing and payment for the Services (for example credit card details or banking information in case of an authorisation for direct debit collection).

c. Information posted by Users themselves:
Q-dance can offer the option to post comments on Content. Q-dance may show this information on the websites or in apps or social media tools it develops to offer or promote the Services.

d. Information on the Content requested: 
Q-dance can track which Content is requested using cookies and/or a User’s Q-dance Account.

e. Other information on the Use of the Content and the Services:
Q-dance may also collect more general information on the use made by Users and website visitors of the Services, for example by tracking how often and from which IP address the User logs in, which browser is used to visit the websites or which type of Device is used to request the Content. Q-dance may also track whether and how the User responds to (interactive) promotions on websites (a User entering a (news) quiz, completing a questionnaire, etc.).

f. Information on the Q-dance app or apps:
When using the Q-dance app or apps on a mobile Device, that Device’s unique identification code can be collected. Q-dance may also record the type of Device used or the version of the operating system used. In addition, how and where the app is used and where it was downloaded may be recorded.

g. Information on email response:
When Q-dance sends emails to the Users, information can be collected on how the User responds to such emails, for example the number of times the email is opened and/or the links in them are clicked.

h. Information in response to contact with the User:
for example when a User asks a question by email or contacts the telephone help desk.


7. With whom does Q-dance share this information? 

Within the Q-dance group:
The data collected are also processed by Q-International B.V. for Defqon1. Any Q-dance companies wishing to use these data and any companies affiliated with these companies. These companies can be given access to these data in so far as this is in line with the purposes described in this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

With (other) Q-dance suppliers:
Q-dance may pass on information about Users to suppliers it uses to facilitate the Services (for example a mailing company, call centre, collection agency, market research agency or the party that is involved, on Q-dance’s instructions, in the technical realisation of a website or app). 

With other Q-dance partners: 
In specific cases, for the purposes described above, information must be shared with third parties that use this information independently. In addition, Q-dance may provide information to other partners selected by Q-dance for marketing purposes.

For this, Q-dance will first ask permission separately.

With the authorities and others:
In exceptional cases, Q-dance may provide data to authorities or third parties if Q-dance is required to do so based on the law or by court order, or if there are valid reasons to assume that this is necessary to prevent damage or abuse.


8. Users’ rights with regard to their information

Any persons whose personal data are processed have certain rights under the law. Users can have insight into the information processed by Q-dance and amend it if desired at any time and without cost. Users can also object to receiving information or targeted offers from Q-dance by email, telephone, post and/or text message, or delete their data in accordance with the applicable regulations, or have such data deleted.

If the User wants to avail himself of these possibilities or has other questions about the use of his data, he can do so by contacting Q-dance via the email address or the customer service via telephone number ..................


Persons under the age of 16 (minors) may only register as a User with the permission from a parent or legal guardian.

The parent(s) or legal representative of the minor User must, in the interest of the minor User, read this Privacy and Cookie Statement and may exercise the rights of the User concerned in place of the minor User.

Q-dance advises parents or legal guardians to supervise the use of the Services made by a minor User and to make such Users aware of the use that can be made of their personal data under this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Q-dance will at all times maintain a level of security when processing information about Users and visitors of the websites or apps that, given the latest technology, is sufficient to prevent any unauthorised access to and modification, disclosure or loss of personal data. As part of this, Q-dance concludes written agreements with suppliers it engages who process personal data on its behalf, in which appropriate obligations are imposed on said suppliers to ensure the security of these data. {The latter is a statutory obligation, but does this actually happen in practice? If not, I would remove the latter sentence for now.} 

The Services may contain links to third-party websites. Q-dance is not responsible for the use of personal data by the organisations that offer these websites.

In this respect, read the privacy statement, if available, of the website concerned.

Q-dance may decide to amend this Privacy and Cookie Statement in the future. Should that be the case, Q-dance will notify Users in advance by publishing the amended Privacy and Cookie Statement. The most up-to-date and applicable version of the Privacy and Cookie Statement can be consulted on the relevant Q-dance website or app at any time.

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