Privacy statement

Q-dance (also referred to as: “we”, “our” and “us”) takes your privacy very seriously and treats all your personal information with great care. This document sets out the types of data that Q-dance collects and for which purposes these data are processed. By using our websites or registering for an account with us, you accept the terms of this Privacy Statement. Q-dance therefore recommends you to read this Privacy Statement carefully.


  1. Who is Q-dance?

Q-dance consists of a number of separate entities that fall within the Q-dance network. The following entities fall within the Q-dance network:

  • Q-dance B.V.
  • Q-Small Events B.V.
  • Q-Big Events B.V.
  • Q-Outdoor Events B.V.
  • Q-dance Management B.V.
  • Q-International B.V.
  • Q Artist Management B.V.
  • Headliner Entertainment B.V.
  • Q-dance Partners B.V.
  • Q-dance Travel B.V.
  • ID&T Merchandise B.V.
  • ID&T eCommerce B.V.
  • ID&T Management B.V.


Personal data processed by one of these entities are also processed on behalf of the other entities within the Q-dance network.


The entities within the Q-dance network may provide their services through different websites. This Privacy Statement applies to the following websites within the Q-dance network:


 (hereinafter together also referred to as: “Website”).


By accessing this Website you agree that the personal information collected through the Website will be combined with personal information collected through another Website.


Single sign on

If you accept the terms of this Privacy Statement on a Website (for example, you acknowledge that this acceptance also applies to the other Website, as listed above. 

Furthermore, our single sign on services offers you the possibility that, after you registered for an account with one Q-dance entity, you can login to the other Website, without having to register for an account again.

The manner in which your personal data is processed has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”) under processing number M1651200.


  1. What information does Q-dance collect and process?

In order to provide its services, Q-dance collects and processes the following personal data about you.

Data provided upon creating an account

In order to fully profit from the services offered by Q-dance, you need to create an account with Q-dance or Paylogic. Upon creating an account, you are required to provide certain information about yourself. Typical personal information that we store is:

  • First and last name;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Address;
  • City-town;
  • Email address;
  • (Mobile) telephone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender.

After creating an account, if available, you can login to each Website with your username and password or social media account. If you are logged in to the Website, you are automatically logged in to the other Website (single sign on).


Placing an order

When placing an order, you have to provide the data required on the Website to perform the order. These data may include your first and last name, (shipping) address and other shipping data, date of birth and gender.

Payment details

In order to handle your payment, Q-dance offers you the following payment options:

  • iDeal;
  • Credit card;
  • Paypal.


Q-dance asks for your payment details in order to process your payment. The requested information will depend on the payment option you have chosen. This information may include your name, bank account number or credit card number. Q-dance uses this information solely to process your payment.


Link to social media and other third party services

In the event available, you may choose to link your account to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Google+. In case you link your account to these social media accounts, Q-dance collects general information, such as your name, email address, location and skills from your social media profile.


For the use of social media and third party services you are bound by the conditions for use of these services. Q-dance cannot influence such third parties and thus cannot guarantee that these third party services use your personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy law- and regulations.


Automatically generated data

Q-dance requires certain information in order for the Website to work as optimally as possible (for example, to display content correctly and to keep the Website secure). That is why Q-dance automatically collects generated data about your use of the Website. This information consists of:

  • your IP address (an unique number, which makes it possible to recognize your device);
  • account activity (including storage usage, number of log-ins);
  • data displayed or clicked on (including UI elements, links); and
  • other log information (including browser type, IP address, date and time of access, cookie ID, and referrer URL).


  1. For what purposes will Q-dance use information about you?

Q-dance may use your personal information for the following purposes:


  • Q-dance will use your email address for creating your personal account. We may also use your email address to send information regarding your account and registration, for example in order to help you to restore your forgotten password, and to login into the Website.
  • Q-dance may use your email address to send emails, such as notifications and information regarding offers of Q-dance. You may at all times opt out of receiving such emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email or by sending an e-mail to
  • Your personal information will be used within the Website to provide the services, products and/or information offered by Q-dance.
  • Your personal information will be used to build a profile pertaining specifically to you. This allows Q-dance to offer you services and advertisements that are specifically tailored to your interests.
  • Your email address, username, first and last name will be used when purchasing products and/or services via the Website.
  • Your personal information will be used to configure the Website to your wishes and needs and to improve the quality of the Website, from functionality to design. Your personal information will also be used to generate statistical data on your use of the Website.


Other than with your consent we will not provide your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes. 

For providing the Website to you, Q-dance can make use of third parties. Q-dance entered into agreements with those third parties, in which parties have agreed upon the technical and organizational measures those third parties must take to protect your (personal) information. 

Q-dance may also provide your personal information to third parties if the information cannot in any way be traced to you (for instance automatically generated information, not being an IP-address). Also, Q-dance may provide your personal information to third parties if Q-dance is allowed to do so on account of national or international laws, case law and/or regulations or if Q-dance considers it necessary for the protection of its own rights.

  1. What are cookies and how does Q-dance use them?

When using the Website, various cookies are saved on your computer, mobile device and/or tablet (“Devices”), which can then be accessed. Cookies are small pieces of information (in the form of text) that a server sends to the browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox) with the intention that the browser sends this information back to the server the next time a user makes use of the Website. Cookies of Q-dance cannot damage your Devices or the files saved on it.

You can read more information about the cookies that Q-dance uses in the Cookie Statement.


  1. Hyperlinks

The Website may contain hyperlinks which take you away from the Website and take you to the website or application of a third party. Q-dance has no authority over the services and/or websites of third parties to which it is linked. It therefore may be the case that for the use of those services and/or websites of third parties another privacy statement is applicable. This Privacy Statement is exclusively applicable to the personal data that are obtained through the Website. Q-dance does not accept any responsibility or liability for the (use and/or content of the) services and/or websites of third parties.


  1. How does Q-dance protect your personal information and where is the data stored?

Q-dance takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) information against loss or any form of unlawful use. Q-dance will not store your personal data for any longer than is legally permissible or necessary for the abovementioned purposes.


  1. How can you view, change and delete your data?

If you wish to know what information Q-dance has collected about you, you can send a request for information on your personal data to Q-dance will respond to your request within 4 weeks.


If you wish to correct, add, remove or screen your personal data, you may send another request thereto. Q-dance shall respond within 4 weeks to such a request. If Q-dance decides to deny your request, it shall inform you on the grounds of this decision.


  1. Can this Privacy Statement be changed?

It is possible for the Privacy Statement to be amended in the future. It is therefore recommended to regularly visit the section on the Website in which we outline the Privacy Statement.


  1. Questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:


Last modified: July 2017

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