Q-BASE 2014 | Drop Your Own Area Contest

Q-dance highly values innovation and gladly welcomes new creative talent. That’s why this year’s edition of Q-BASE will feature another ‘Drop Your Own Area’ contest, where you’ll get the chance to host your own bunker. Organizations like ‘TK07’, ‘Andere Koek’ and ‘Temple of Anarchy’ already filled an area in previous editions, but now it’s up to you to conquer a stage. Do you have the perfect idea for an area? Then gather all your ideas and start writing, because you can submit your plan as of today! And remember, all music styles are welcome.

What you need to do
Upload your plan via the 'Q-BASE – Drop Your Own Area' page. Submitting is possible until Monday the 28th of July, 11:59 PM. The best plans will be selected and from that moment on, you’re able to cast your vote. Conduct a campaign and collect as many votes as you can. The areas that receive the most votes will be invited to present their plan to the Q-dance jury.

Your plan should contain
Write an English plan that briefly but accurately describes how your ultimate Q-BASE area looks like. The plan should at least contain the following:
-       Info about yourself and your background;
-       Explanation about the concept;
-       Music programming;
-       Decoration of the area;
-       An image that shows the design of your stage;
-       Mood board that displays the feel of your area;
-       Extras you have planned for the night.

Programming hours
The programming hours of the bunker are from 6 PM until 6 AM.

Good luck!

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