Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years | All you need to know & Timetable


AFAS Livebefore Heineken Music Hall
ArenA Boulevard 590
1101 DS Amsterdam

Opening hours
We're opening the doors of AFAS Live at 22:00. We'll be going strong until 7:00 in the morning. The doors close at 02:00, so make sure you are on time.

Get your tickets for Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years now. Our online ticket sale will go on till 02.00. There is no door sales.

Check out the timetable to see when your favorite DJ will perform.


Public transport
Are you traveling to Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years using public transport? Trains and subways will run to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station. Subways 50 and 54 run every ten minutes. Make sure to plan your trip on AFAS Live is located next to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station.

If you want to leave earlier, you can take the nightbus (line 755) from GVB from Station Bijlmer Arena to Station Amsterdam CS. This bus will leave every 30 minutes starting at 01:36. The trip will take 40 minutes and will go from Station Bijlmer Arena via Station Amstel to Station Amsterdam CS.

You can use your public transport chipcard to travel on balance. To pay in this manner, you must first add the free night bus product to your public transport chipcard. You can do this at the GVB car at the buses, or at the yellow public transport machine. Make sure that you have sufficient balance on your public transport chipcard. When you check in, the night rate €4,50 will be reduced from your public transport chipcard. Don’t forget to check out!  

Car and parking
Use exit "Transferium" on the highway A2 to get to AFAS Live. Follow the signs to parking garages P1, P4, P5 and P6. Please purchase your parking ticket at the register in AFAS Live. Make sure you do not lose your parking ticket!

Visit the website of AFAS Live for all info about how to get to the event with an organised bus trip.


Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years is a zero tolerance event. This means that all types of soft- and harddrugs are not allowed. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.

First aid
There is a first aid stand at AFAS Live which will be available during the entire night. Please follow the signs “EHBO” in the main area. You can find the first aid at the left side of the stage. You can also ask the security or other personnel for help.

There are no ATMs available inside the venue, but you can use your card to purchase tokens. The token machines accept Maestro, Visa and Mastercard.

Beware of pickpockets!
Beware of pickpockets and don't leave your belongings unattended. When you suspect to be a victim of a pickpocket, please go to the security.

Please note that it is not allowed during Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years to take backpacks and/or weekend bags inside. Handbags are allowed if they are not larger than A4 size and not thicker than 10 cm. We ask you to leave your bags at home and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

There will be a wardrobe available at AFAS Live. Using the wardrobe is free. Storing your bag costs two tokens. There are also a limited number of lockers available. If you want to use a locker, we advise you to come early.

You will find the merchandise stand in the hallway, when entering right. Here you will find the regular Q-dance merchandise, but also some special Scantraxx items. You can pay by card or cash.

The minimum age for Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years is 18 years. Avoid disappointment and make sure to bring a valid ID with you. No ID, means no entry.

Photography, video and audio recordings
Bring your camera to the event because it doesn't matter how big or (un)professional your 'gear' is. Don't forget to share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #Scantraxx15Years.

Social media:
Mention @Q_dance when you want to share something with us. We would love to see your pictures so upload them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #Scantraxx15Years. Join the Facebook event and invite your friends.

Our socials:


Add Q_dance on Snapchat to see exclusive (backstage) footage during Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years.

Take care of yourself and each other
A whole night of partying requires more energy than you might expect! As always, our motto is: "come together, stay together", so take care of yourself and each other.

Unity| Celebrate Safe
During Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years we celebrate safe. If you have questions about the usage of alcohol or other drugs, you’re more than welcome at the Celebrate Safe stand, supported by Unity. Unity is a voluntary project in the Dutch party scene. The stand and their volunteers can be found in the foyer. The volunteers of Unity will spread their knowledge amongst the visitors of Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years. They provide you with objective and ‘open-minded’ information about alcohol and other drugs.

We wish you an amazing night at Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 15 Years!