The Qontest

The Qontest

"Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a a part of the American debut of TomorrowWorld, via the chance to play on Q-dance's stage at the festival just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of September. In addition to securing a timeslot, you will also have the chance to host a one hour spot on the all new “Q-dance Presents” show on Evolution Radio.

Find out more below.

Do you have your own unique sound? Or are you producing a set style? Everyone is welcome to enter this contest, both experienced and inexperienced, young and old. Challenge yourself but remember to create something that represents that harder styles in dance music. We will accept anything, as long as it's HARD!


You may have recently finished a production that perfectly fits the Q-dance sound, or you could be eager to get something new and exciting started. If the latter is the case, and you are not yet familiar with Q-dance, you might want to check out some inspirational material below.

Music: Q-dance’s Official Soundcloud Page
Video: Q-dance’s Official Youtube Page


To enter the contest we require the following:

  • Submit a DJ mix that is 20 - 30 minutes long
  • The mix must include one orginal track you have produced
  • The orginal track must be uploaded with the mix
  • A text file must be provided that contains your email and tracklist.
  • The DJ mix must be named as follows:
    • ArtistName.Age.Location
    • Example: DjMeow.31.LosAngelesCA
  • Using QDANCE.WETRANSFER.COM, upload the mix and mail it to
  • The file must be an MP3

The deadline of the Qontest is August 1st.


The Q-dance-team will check out all entries. The judging of the Qontest will be straightforward: the person with the best production and mix wins a spot on the Q-dance stage at TomorrowWorld. We will take each and every potential entry in to account, listening to all entries received. We're always looking for fresh talent.


The selected winner will receive the following:

  • A one hour timeslot on the Q-dance stage @ TomorrowWorld in September.
  • Transportation, hotel, and food and beverage.
  • The opportunity to host one hour of the all new "Q-dance Presents" radio show on Evolution Radio.