De Q-dance Feestfabriek - Blu-Ray/DVD/CD

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18 December 2010

The Q-dance Feestfabriek Blu-Ray/DVD/CD has been released!

It took longer than we expected to finish the DVD, but we only release a DVD if it's up to our quality standards. And that simply wasn't the case before.

But the waiting was worth it! The digipack is now available at the Q-dance Merchandise Store.

The digipack contains:
Live CD: De Top 25
Blu-Ray/DVD: the complete live event registration of the Q-dance Feestfabriek - 10 Years of Q-dance, interviews and the Top 25.

If you order the digipack now via the Q-dance Merchandise Store, delivery before Christmas* will be guaranteed!

We hope you enjoy watching the Blu-Ray of DVD as much as we did when organizing the Q-dance Feestfabriek and making the live registration.

*Only guaranteed for The Netherlands.