Q-dance wishes you a Happy New Year!

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1 January 2010

Dear Q-dancers,

Happy New Year!

On 03-02-'01, Q-dance the brand name came into existence. Prior to this, the club of five was named Qlass Elite who organized parties in the Repetitiehuis, AMP Studios, Vechtsebanen and Hemkade. Back then, their idea was to change the existing dance environment using a simple effective strategy: hard music, no nonsense communication and top quality productions. Since their humble beginnings, more than 250 parties have been organized throughout Holland: some were successes, and others required fine tuning, however Q-dance learnt from their early mistakes and have now reached a point of hitting the mark, each and every time.

This year Q-dance is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. 2010 is a year for new beginnings and surprises. The first surprise is the new Q-dance website. Having brainstormed and planned, drafted, designed and built, the aim was to create a site that contained all videos, pictures, websites, music and information of the last ten years in a user-friendly design. This is an interactive website so feel free to chat in forums, find friends in pics, view video trailers and after-films in archive and keep up to date with the latest Q news. Send on your feedback.

At Q-dance, we believe that our main element of success is our visitors. Without your input – your dedicated faith, enthusiasm, and your critical but open mind, we could not have reached this momentous decade alone. Throughout the years, Q-dance has received thousands of emails with ideas and concepts and notes of thanks, resulting in the highest quality produced events possible.

As this is a celebration, Q-dance invites you to the biggest, boldest and best Q-dance party ever! On the 10th of July 2010, the Q-dance jubilee will be held in the Amsterdam Arena. Months of brainstorming have passed and finally it is time for the ultimate result. Decor will explode with colour and movement in a way that will encompass the festivity of the past 10 years. Housed in the biggest indoor stadium in Holland, Q-dance will present their motto for the next ten years -

We’ve only just begun…