Representing Australian Hard Dance: Karpe-DM

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12 November 2010

How long have you been dj’ing / producing?
I started dj’ing back in 2003, 1 year after moving over from New Zealand to Melbourne. It was a natural progression that eventually led to production, which I started in 2008.

What are your most famous productions?
I can't say any of my tracks have been famous, as I have only been producing for 2 years, however one of my first productions "8th Wonder" has been popular on the Internet over the last 2 years. I was releasing all my tracks free at that time, and because of YouTube and MySpace etc, it got some great feedback. This eventually led the track to be signed by Blutonium Records under the guise "Identic - 8th Wonder".

How would you characterize the Australian hard dance scene?
Australia has so much potential in the hard dance scene. With the combination of talented producers like Bioweapon, Toneshifterz, and events like Defqon.1 in Sydney, it really puts Australian hard dance on the world stage. There are a lot of upcoming producers coming through as well, which will help the popularity of the hard dance scene. I'm looking forward to what’s in store over the next couple of years!

What are your favourite clubs / parties to play at?
The PHD parties are always great to play at. Even though they are now closed as a weekly club, I still look forward to the events and tours they put on in Melbourne, and around Australia. Defqon.1 2010 however was really a stand out party. So many amazing moments, and the energy was intense. Something really special happened on that night, everything was perfect!

Originally you come from New Zealand. How would you describe the hard dance scene in your country of origin?
Before arriving on the shores of Melbourne in 2002, I had never been to a dance club in NZ. I know there is a small scene there, but it’s pretty non-existent.

In 2009, you won the Australian Hard Dance Championships in Victoria (state). Would you say much changed for you ever since?
Winning the state final in VIC was a dream come true. To be given the opportunity to play at Defqon.1 has always been my driving goal. A lot changed for me I think at the finals at Defqon.1 that year. I learnt a lot about my performance, but also my music. I became a lot more focused in my production, which led to being booked for some big gigs during 2010.

You got to play at both editions of Defqon.1 in Australia, as a finalist of the DJ competition the first year and together with Soul-T at the PURPLE stage last September. How did you experience that last set?
Defqon.1 2010 was such a rewarding set. To play alongside a great friend, Soul-T, was a huge honour. It was the first time I got to play all my new productions on a big sound system. I didn't really know what to expect from the crowd, and this made me quite nervous. It wasn't until the middle of the set, as the sun went down, I realized what was happening. The area was jammed packed, and the crowds where pumping. This was really the highlight of my dj career so far.

You also produced a track for this year’s Defqon.1 producers competition that made it into the final. Can you tell us a bit more about the track?
I was already producing a track for Defqon.1, along with MC SK Magnum. I was already half way through the track, when I found out about the competition. I combined the 2 ideas, and “Down Under” was formed. The rapping vocals where totally different to any other anthem I had heard, so I thought it be interesting to see what happened.

You started your own label “Monstertraxx”. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
Monstertraxx is a sub label to PHD Digital. Basically I wanted to release my own productions faster, and as singles.
By setting up my own label, I gained more control over what I was releasing, and how I was releasing it. Monstertraxx is aimed at the harder styles of dance music, with the focus on upcoming producers.

What have you got planned for the coming year?
After the upgrade of my studio I will be doing some collaboration productions with some guys from Melbourne. In 2011 I will also release more stuff on PHD digital recordings, and really push the Monstertraxx label to a larger crowd.

If we translate your name from Latin, it would mean ‘Seize the day’. What is it that makes Karpe-DM enjoy life the most?
Apart from my producing and dj’ing, I really love being around, and spending time with my 2 little daughters, Savannah (2) and Eva (1). So much inspiration comes from these 2 little girls! Seeing Savannah dance and waving her hand in the air while I produce music is just magic.

What are your ambitions?
I would love to play overseas at the big Q-dance parties, and hopefully get my production to a stage where I can release tracks on the big labels.

Anything else you want to say to the Q-dancers out there?
I have some big projects in the works! You can stay up to date with upcoming gigs, and releases on my Facebook Fan page, and pre-release music on my YouTube channel.

Karpe-DM vs Soul-T @ Defqon.1 Australia 2010: