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18 April 2011

“Although I went camping in Spain and Italy with my parents when I was younger, I haven’t slept in a tent since 20 years. I am kind of a country boy and to be honest I think I would enjoy it again to hit the road and bring a tent and camping gear. You know, just getting dirty on the camping! The guys of Neophyte Records and me have been talking about camping on a festival like Lowlands or Pinkpop for years, the only problem is that mostly we have to perform ourselves.”

“Last year we went to the rock festival ‘Sonisphere’ in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen, Holland. It was a one-day festival but the festival had such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There’s families hanging out sitting on a plaid in the grass field, including the 50 year old parents who happened to still love the metal rock music, like their children. Since 2005 at Decibel Outdoor we sleep in a Leopard bungalow with 30 people – including The Viper, Panic, Isaac, Tha Playah and Evil Activities. It became a tradition for us. I heard that on festival campsites you experience a very connected feeling with everyone. So chances are that I’ll be camping at Defqon.1 this year!”



“This track has been very popular at festivals during the past years. It’s a very atmospheric track with a strong melody and not too fast according to the bpm. ‘Still Number One’ is a true ‘hands in the air’ track. I remember it took Tha Playah and me three weeks to produce the track. We remixed the track at least seven times but eventually the track was done and rock solid. This track contains a lot of atmosphere without having a ‘cheesy’ sound. Finding that balance is not very easy.”


“Obviously I mean the version I produced together with The Viper. It turned out like some kind of mini-mix project without using the already existing samples. All sounds are new and I’ve used the melody of a track I produced a few years ago in cooperation with Paul. This melody is so powerful that we wanted to use it in a new track. The good thing about this track is that everyone knows it so it’s a guaranteed success at a festival.”


“This is a pumping track of Masters of Ceremony with a striking melody. Again a typical ‘hands in the air’ track without sounding too ‘cheesy’. Unlike my other tracks this is quite a slow track, around 160 bpm, but despite this it still contains a lot of feel. Again a typical festival track with a happy and friendly sound. If you hear ‘Rocking With The Best’ you can picture a crowd at a festival on a bright and sunny day.”