After years of listening to hard dance music and visiting countless events, Wesley’s love for the music started to grow exponentially. He knew one thing for sure: he wanted to make his own kind of hardstyle music. For Wesley, there was only one way: practicing long enough to learn all the techniques of producing high quality productions, so he could make a major impression.

After 4 years of working in silence on his productions, Wesley came in contact with the guys from Roughstate, who knew they couldn’t let this go by. Frequencerz supported two of Wesley’s tracks (Followed & Deserve To Die) during their Qlimax 2017 performance and from that moment Rejecta was born. Shortly after Qlimax, Rejecta unveiled his identity for a numerous of online fans, who craved to know the artist behind the Qlimax tracks. Shortly after, ‘Followed’ became the first Rejecta release on Roughstate. Rejecta dropped a bomb into the scene and ‘Followed’ became number 3 in the charts. He also managed to get the number 1 spot in the Viral Top 50 of The Netherlands on Spotify. His first ever booking was during X-Qlusive Frequencerz in AFAS Live, where he performed for a fully packed stage. With lots of exciting bookings coming-up, the future of Rejecta looks promising.