Leading listeners on a journey of complete sonic savagery, Hardstyle phenomenon Warface holds, without a doubt, one of the most impressive success stories. From lurking in the underground to the claiming mainstages, the End of Line Recordings head honcho has sparked a musical insurgence that’s captured the attention of the entire movement.

Unlocking the vault to triumph, Warface strikes gold with each creation that exits the studio; a few examples of the plethora of his class-A singles and albums are his surprise 2018 album “VENGEANCE”, his 2019 ‘SYNCHRONISED’ album together with D-Sturb and chart-topping hits such as ‘’I Need You’’, ‘’ No Paradise’’, ‘’Live For This’’, ‘’Radioactive’’ with Mark With a K, and ‘’Blow The Speakers’. Warface’s releases have become an emblem of modern quality, merged together with a bad-ass vibe! Known for his unique artistic mentality, Warface has not only showcased his Live For This concept in a sold-out AFAS LIVE, but has brought the LFT vibe worldwide to the majority of European countries, North and South America, Asia and Australia. His international influence has been confirmed with his positions in the DJ Mag Top 100 (#65 in 2017 and #75 in 2019).

Boasting a top-notch discography comprising of ground-breaking productions that leave crowds trembling in their boots, Warface stands for powerful, high-quality productions fronted by thrilling, adrenaline-fueled on-stage performances that leave people in awe.