DJ J.D.A. is a true Hardcore pioneer and started his career back in 1993. In 1996 he joined the infamous Shadowlands Terrorists on Shadowlands Records. In 1998 he switched to the Italian D-Boy Black Label and in 2001 he joined Masters of Hardcore Records. DJ J.D.A. has produced some of the biggest and most iconic Hardcore anthems out there: “Shadowlands Anthem”, “Voel Je Die Bass”, “The Big Payback”, “The Extreme Anthem”, “Still Standing Strong”, and “Offensive Warriors”.

Apart from being a very successful producer, J.D.A. has performed at major events all over the world, such as Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Mysteryland, Defqon.1, Syndicate, Emporium, Decibel, Nature One and many more. With over a thousand performances on his resume, DJ J.D.A. has become a true icon in the Hardcore scene and he is still standing strong!