A true pioneer in Hardcore, Nosferatu has been at the absolute top of the industry for many years. His mixing skills can be defined as truly gifted and his productions on the infamous Neophyte Records label have shown his pure skill and tremendous power in Hardcore music. With many major milestones in his career many can only dream of, Nosferatu has reached major heights. Examples include creating the anthems for some of the biggest events out there, such as Dominator, Harmony of Hardcore, Masters of Hardcore (Austria), AIRFORCE Festival, Ground Zero, Exodus, Free Festival and many more, as well as strong releases such as his critically acclaimed album ‘Approach to Midnight’ and – of course- tracks as ‘Betrayal’, ‘Sanctity of Space’, ‘Killer Beat’ and ‘Killswitch’ with Furyan.

Guaranteed for a huge amount of adrenaline on stage, Nosferatu definitely will let you hear what Hardcore is truly all about.