The Dark Horror

The Dark Horror is an Uptempo act from Brussels, Belgium, with a talent for producing. 

After several years of attending Hardcore events and listening to hard and fast tempo music in his spare time he started producing and playing music in 2016, because he wanted to  make people dance on his own style of productions.

The distinctive sound which is best described as a dark and dynamic style of Uptempo  can be found in all the tracks he has produced so far. The first release at Footworxx in 2017 “Calling The Demon” together with Future Kickz was immediately in the top 10 of Hardtunes for a couple of days. The productions that followed where also very well received with a couple of #1 spots in the Hardtunes top 100. “Coke Boy” released on Partyraiser Records which remained on the first spot for over a week, is his greatest achievement production wise thus far. 

The Dark Horror already performed in Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy and is ready to conquer the rest of the world. With a contract for Triple Six Records, The Dark Horror is eager to expend his territory and spread his productions in the years to come.