Described as ‘Pioneer of Uptempo Hardcore’, F.Noize has been considered one of the leading figures in the Hardcore scene in the last years. The name F.Noize is often associated with his unique skull mask and renowned Violent sound. His career as a DJ began in Rome in 2007, as resident DJ of the Hardforum events. His first tracks were released in 2012. F.Noize’s really career took off with the first Uptempo release in history: ”Sentenced’’ together with Andy the Core and was released on the first EP of Partyraiser Records. Since then, F.Noize’s career has skyrocketed and F.Noize has become one of the most sought after artists. He has scored several major hits, amongst which “Legends Never Die’’ with Partyraiser, Hyrule War and MC Syco, “Uptempo M.F.’’, his Snakepit 2019 anthem “Double Headed Snake’’ with Spitnoise and Tha Watcher, and “InnovHate’’ with Andy the Core.

F.Noize has performed at the world’s biggest events, such as Masters of Hardcore, Tomorrowland, Dominator, Defqon.1, Nature One, Decibel, Syndicate, Harmony of Hardcore, The Qontinent and many more. F.Noize has made his way to the top of the genre and is determined to dominate with his exhilarating Hardcore tracks and performances!