Scantraxx 15 Years | XXL


The concluding chapter of the night revolves around one man: DJ The Prophet. Together with his infamous masked alter ego The Masochist, he takes you to the hardcore part of his career where only the most relentless beats salute you. This legend knows how to provide an insane closing set, are you up for it?


Alter ego

From the early days of hardcore to modern hardstyle, DJ The Prophet’s clearly left his mark on the harder styles. After being a household name in the hardcore scene for years, DJ The Prophet switched sides as he moved to hardstyle in 2000. Luckily for the hardcore fans, he never truly left. As ‘The Masochist’, this legend continued producing savage hardcore tracks at Scantraxx XXL, Scantraxx’ hardcore sub-label. Even after many years and countless gigs, the identity of The Masochist’s DJ is still a mystery. Eager to find out? Check out the unique set of DJ The Prophet versus The Masochist on 4 November.

Receive a preview of Scantraxx 15 Years’ final chapter at Q-dance Radio. The Scantraxx XXL mix by DJ The Prophet and The Masochist will be aired at on 25 October (20:00 CEST).

The Prophet

“We already created a huge hit in the Thunderdome era with ‘The Masochist - Killing Scum’. This track was part of almost every hardcore CD of that moment and almost every leading act played it: Neophyte, Promo, 3 Steps Ahead, Pavo, Darkraver, Paul Elstak, you name it! Throughout the years, many artists created a remix of this classic, including DJ Promo and myself.”

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