The Defqon.1 mode in the Q-dance app is your ultimate festival companion before, during and after Defqon.1. It contains all the information you need, including an FAQ and of course the interactive festival map. The Defqon.1 mode will be available on June 20. 

The map tab will contain icons spread throughout the map showing the most important facilities which you can tag on and off in the legend. An interactive timetable mode which shows the acts that are playing at a stage when you press on a stage flag. Food courts and their kitchen styles can also be found on the map – always good to know where you can find a proper pizza! You can check where you are on the map and drop a pin. Make a screenshot and share this via WhatsApp with a friend to meet up.

The Q-dance app also contains an interactive block schedule timetable, showing you what’s playing where and when. If you’re logged in as a Q-dance member (also non-DEDIQATED members), you can select your favorite artists by tapping the little heart. Just select the favorites view to create your own personal timetable.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the shop tab to score the latest Defqon.1 merchandise!


Besides the full-on madness the Holy Grounds already have to offer, you can enlighten your journey with experiences. These are special treatments or other ways to enhance your weekend to your own taste. You can find these in the Experiences tab in the Q-dance app and via You get a confirmation email after purchasing your product. After a couple of minutes, the QR codes you need to enter the experience will be sent to your email.

New experiences will be added in the weeks leading up to Defqon.1. You’ll be able to find more information about experiences, such as the prices and the availability on the Defqon.1 website and in the Q-dance app. Please note that some will only be available for our DEDIQATED members or when pre-ordered before Defqon.1 starts. There are a lot of experiences returning from past years, but we have also added some awesome new ones for this edition of Defqon.1!

Go check it out here!

Get in touch with us here!

What do I need to bring to the experiences:

For experiences please bring your voucher that you have received in your email. If you have ordered anything such as tickets or drinks, please check your voucher in your confirmation email for the location.


Are you a DEDIQATED Member and going to Defqon.1 Path of the Warrior? Then you have a chance to win unique Defqon.1 prizes and other adventures with the DEDIQATED raffles! Every DEDIQATED Member can participate to win. We offer different raffles for different festival days. You can find them in the Experiences tab within the Defqon.1 2023 festival mode in the Q-dance app and via the Defqon.1 website. Select a raffle, accept the terms and participate.

Check out the different prizes and make sure to join before the deadline.


The Defqon.1 Theatre is a brand-new area at Defqon.1 where we’ll host a very intimate and exclusive experience in collaboration with Sefa. There will be 20 shows spread across all 4 days of Greatness and tickets are on sale since May 27th at 13:00 CEST for DEDIQATED Members. The Regular Sale starts on June 10th at 13:00 CEST.

A DEDIQATED Member ticket for the Sefa Theatre experience costs 10 euros. A Regular Ticket (available from June 10th) costs 15 euros. One ticket grants you access to one show and is only valid for the time slot you selected in the shop.

Get your ticket here.


Can't make it to Defqon.1 this year? No worries, all 4 days of madness will be streamed live on Q-dance Network! Access to the Defqon.1 livestream is available with either a pay-per-view ticket or a DEDIQATED Membership. The Defqon.1 livestream includes:

  • A unique live experience from Thursday till Sunday
  • Video stream at the RED, BLUE, BLACK and UV
  • All major show moments such as The Spotlight, POWER HOUR, The Endshow.

You will be able to watch the stream in two different ways: 
Get a DEDIQATED Membership here (billed monthly for €4.99 or annually for €49.99) including early access to the ticketsales, exclusive content, livestreams and other benefits.  

Get a pay-per-view ticket here for €19,99 and watch the complete livestream from June 22nd until June 25th 

No DEDIQATED Member yet? Purchase your monthly or annual subscription now via this link. You can benefit from all the DEDIQATED perks and watch the full Defqon.1 weekend livestream if you become a DEDIQATED member for only 5 euro a month. And remember, you can stop whenever you want, even after only one month.


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Defqon.1 playlist

Get in the mood for Defqon.1 2023 with the official Spotify playlist by Q-dance:

Four days of party requires lots of energy. Take some rest, drink, sleep enough, and keep in mind that the evenings and nights could get cold. Take care of yourself and each other, so we can all look back at another unforgettable edition.