Defqon.1 Legends Jacket

In 2017, we embarked on a journey with 15 years of Hardstyle. Especially for the true Warriors, we've honored the legacy with the original Defqon.1 Legends Jacket. This is your final chance to get your hands on this sold-out jacket through the exclusive DEDIQATED raffle.

Defqon.1 Legacy Coin of 2023

Honor the place we call home with the exclusive Defqon.1 Legacy Coin of 2023. With only 500 items created and not available in any shops, this is a must-have collector's item for a true Warrior. Enter the raffle for a chance to win yours.

Defqon.1 Varsity Jacket

Dress up like a true Warrior with the Defqon.1 Varsity Jacket. Express your true colors in the world of power with a unique selection of signature Defqon.1 logos from throughout the years, applied with different techniques and a stylish finishing touch of red diamond stitching on the inside.

Defqon.1 Dibond with a picture from the RED of your choice

Witness the view of the mighty RED whenever you want with our own Defqon.1 Dibond. Which year do you want to honor? The choice is yours! When you win this raffle, you have the option to pick your favorite picture to hang on your wall.