World of Q-dance | Mysteryland 2018 - Code Black

World of Q-dance focuses on the international side of Q-dance. Each episode sets the spotlight on a different artist, who takes the viewer on a journey into Q-dance’s adventures abroad. Ranging from Electric Love Festival in Austria to the Q-dance debut in Spain at Medusa Festival, each episode focuses on the country we’re in, the unique aspects of the festival, its visitors and of course on the Q-dance hosting. This is the fifth episode of World of Q-dance, where things got really crazy at Mysteryland 2018 as Code Black took our Jurassic Rave to the next level with his very own dinosaur suit. As always, the Q-dance reporter had to complete multiple challenges. Ziplining, carrying beers like a T-rex and interviewing weird visitors, Code Black went all the way with this one.

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