World of Q-dance | Tomorrowland 2018 - Psyko Punkz

World of Q-dance focuses on the international side of Q-dance. Each episode sets the spotlight on a different artist, who takes the viewer on a journey into Q-dance’s adventures abroad. Ranging from Electric Love Festival in Austria to the Q-dance debut in Spain at Medusa Festival, each episode focuses on the country we’re in, the unique aspects of the festival, its visitors and of course on the Q-dance hosting. In this third episode, Psyko Punkz takes you to Tomorrowland 2018, where he has to accomplish multiple challenges. From collecting 30 nationalities within 30 minutes to discovering the origin of Hardstyle dedication worldwide, Psyko Punkz had a hard job when it came to becoming a World of Q-dance hall of famer. Watch the video here to find out how it all went down!

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