This was Defqon.1 2023

DEDIQATED Membership

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Pay-per-view ticket

Do you want to watch the Defqon.1 Livestream without getting a DEDIQATED Membership? No problem! A pay-per-view ticket is 19,99 and grants you access to the complete livestream from June 22nd until June 25th. Simply use the button below to get a ticket for the livestream.

The Wrap-up

Warriors, this Sunday we’ll present the best Defqon.1 Path of the Warrior has to offer with Defqon.1 The Wrap-up: a brand-new show, broadcast live from the Holy Grounds during The Closing Ceremony. Audiofreq, E-Life and Stephanie Magic will let you embark on the Path of the Warrior with the best sets of the weekend, artist interviews, unique specials and The Closing Ritual. Make sure to tune in to the Q-dance YouTube channel this Sunday at 19:00 CEST for Defqon.1 The Wrap-up.