General info

Will there be a rebroadcast of Defqon.1 2024?

Yes! Relive the best the RED has to offer last weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the rebroadcast of the livestream. Make sure to tune in to the Q-dance YouTube channel. 

When will Defqon.1 2025 take place?

We proudly present Defqon.1 Weekend Festival: 4 days of power from June 26th to June 29th, 2025.

Where does Defqon.1 2025 take place?

Defqon.1 takes place at

Evenemententerrein Biddinghuizen
Spijkweg 30, Biddinghuizen
The Netherlands

What are the festival times?

More info about the festival times will be available later. 

When will The Kick-off take place?

Defqon.1 The Kick-off 2025 will take place on October 3rd, 2024. More information about this will be available later."

Is it possible to visit Defqon.1 from Friday till Sunday?

3-day Weekend Tickets aren't available. A Weekend Ticket always grants you access to all 4 days of power at Defqon.1. It is of course possible to join Defqon.1 from Friday onwards with a Weekend Ticket, in case you can't make it on Thursday.

What is the minimum age to enter the event?

The minimum age for visiting Defqon.1 is 18 years. There will be strict age and identity checks at the entrance, make sure you bring your ID (drivers license, ID, passport).  

A copy of your ID is not valid. 

What is the policy on drugs at Defqon.1?

The drugs policy at Defqon.1 is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of drugs are prohibited. This also includes weed and hash. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.

Are there three-day Weekend Tickets available?

No, there is only one kind of Weekend Ticket available (both Regular and Premium) which grants you access to all 4 days of power (from Thursday till Sunday). Day tickets will be available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Are there any special parking spots for disabled visitors?

Yes, there are. You can enter the Regular Parking field and ask one of the traffic wardens. They will refer you to the disabled parking spaces. You can find the information about all the facilities we offer for disabled visitors in the 'All You Need To Know' at 'Preparing your trip'.

Are there toilets available for people with any disability?

Yes, we're offering showers and toilets for disabled visitors. Please visit our info point, one of our camping stewards will assist you to the right place. You can find the information about all the facilities we offer for disabled visitors in the 'All You Need To Know' at 'Preparing your trip'.


When does the ticket sale starts?

The General Ticket Sale for Defqon.1 2025 starts October 26th. More info about the Travel and DEDIQATED Sale will be available later. 

Which payment methods are available?

Here is a list of all payment methods:

  • iDEAL = NL
  • Bancontact = BE
  • Sofort = AT, BE, CH, DE
  • Klarna = AT, BE, DK, EE, FI, FR, DE, GR, IE, IT, LV, LT, NO, SK, SL, ES, SE, GB, US, NL
  • Maestro = every country
  • MasterCard = every country
  • VISA = every country

DEDIQATED Membership

What do I get with a DEDIQATED Membership?

  • - Early access to ticket sales.
  • - Access to Q-dance Network, including watching livesets ad-free and with a choice between video or only audio.
  • - Access to all livestreams of Q-dance, including the full 4 days of madness of Defqon.1.
  • - Free opportunities to participate in the raffles.
  • - Special discounts on experiences, which are ways to enhance the adventure of the Q-dance events.
  • - Early and unique Q-dance Network content

How do I view the livestream as a DEDIQATED Member?

The RED of Defqon.1 will be video livestreamed on the Q-dance YouTube channel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. DEDIQATED Members will be able to listen to every stage at Defqon.1 on Q-dance Network from Thursday till Sunday. 

    What’s the difference between a monthly and annual DEDIQATED Membership?

    • - A monthly membership costs 4,99 EUR a month
    • - An annual membership costs 49,99 EUR a year
    • - You can stop your monthly membership anytime, even during the first month
    • - Apart from this, the same privileges apply on both membership types

    How do I cancel my DEDIQATED Membership?

    There are two ways to cancel your membership:

      • In the Q-dance app. On the home screen, click on your avatar in the top left. Select “membership” and “delete” to stop your membership. 
      • On the Q-dance website. On the home page, click on “My Membership” in the index on the left en click on “delete” to stop your membership.

    If you subscribed to a DEDIQATED Membership via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you have to stop your membership there.

    I couldn’t stop my membership before, why can I do this now?

    We agree things haven’t always been easy and we regret this. That’s why we’ve been working hard to fix the problems you encountered. If you became a DEDIQATED Member with us, you can now quit in a few steps. Just as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    I’m DEDIQATED, but I can’t delete my Q-dance account. What’s up?

    Because you’re DEDIQATED and you pay upfront, you still have the right to all the DEDIQATED privileges for the term you paid for. However, if we delete your Q-dance account, you can't use these anymore. That’s why we need your approval via our Customer Support, to make sure you understand the consequences and accept the fact that you lose your remaining access to the DEDIQATED privileges.



    What can I expect from the raffles?

    There are different prizes for each festival day to win. Please be aware you can only participate as a DEDIQATED Member and in possession of a Defqon.1 2024 Festival ticket.

    How can I sign up for the raffles?

    You can find the raffles in the Experiences tab within the Defqon.1 2024 festival mode in the Q-dance app and via the button below. Select a raffle, accept the terms and register. You’ll receive a confirmation email after registering. 

    When will all the raffles be available?

    The raffles are available from the Warming-up, on May 23th. All DEDIQATED Members can participate before the deadline on June 7th, 23:59 CEST. Not a DEDIQATED Member yet? You can still get your membership to participate in the raffles via

    Do I receive a confirmation after I signed up for a raffle?

    Yes. You’ll receive an order confirmation after 30 minutes.

    Do I need to be a DEDIQATED Member to participate in a raffle?

    Yes. Not a DEDIQATED Member yet? You can still get your membership to participate in the raffles via

    How can I ask another question about the raffles?

    Reach out to


    What can I expect from the experiences?

    Besides the full-on madness the Holy Grounds have to offer, you can add to the adventure with experiences. These are special treatments or other ways to enhance your weekend to your own taste.

    How can I sign up for the experiences?

    You can find the experiences in the Q-dance app and via Click on your preferred experiences, where you will be taken to a shop in which you can purchase the experience.

    When will the experiences be available?

    They are available from the Warming-up, on May 23th. New experiences are added in the weeks leading up to Defqon.1.

    Where can I book experiences?

    You can book experiences via the Q-dance app and the button below. Browse through all the possibilities in the Q-dance app, click on the one you like and order it via the shop.

    Can an experience sell-out?

    Yes. As experiences are an exclusive upgrade to your weekend, most of them are limited. So don’t miss out!

    Do I need to pay the experiences before the event?

    Some experiences can only be pre-ordered before Defqon.1 starts, some continue through the weekend. All experiences need to be paid the moment you order them.

    Do I receive a confirmation after I signed up for an experience?

    Yes. You’ll receive an order confirmation from our shop and after a couple of minutes, we’ll send you the QR codes you need to enter the experience.

    How can I ask another question about the experiences?

    Reach out to