The RED of Defqon.1 will be video livestreamed on the Q-dance YouTube channel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. DEDIQATED Members will be able to listen to every stage at Defqon.1 on Q-dance Network from Thursday till Sunday. 


Defqon.1 Festival Mode 

The Defqon.1 mode in the Q-dance app is your ultimate festival companion before, during 

and after Defqon.1. It contains all the information you need, including the FAQ and of course the interactive festival map and timetable. The Defqon.1 2024 festival mode is available now!  

Pin it to your homescreen or locate Defqon.1 2024 via the Events tab. 


Want to make your Defqon.1 journey even more powerful? Or just to recharge yourself for 

the next part? Select the Experiences tab to browse through all the additional options you 

have to personalize your journey even further. 


The Map tab will contain icons spread throughout the map showing the most important 

facilities which you can tag on and off in the legend. An interactive timetable mode which 

shows the acts that are playing when you press on a stage. Tap a food court icon to show  

what’s offered there – it is always good to know where you can find a proper pizza! You can check where you are on the map and long-press to drop a pin. Make a screenshot and share this via WhatsApp with a friend to meet up. As always, some stages will change locations on different festival days. This is why we’ve added the option to browse through the maps of all the days the Holy Grounds are open. 


The Q-dance app also contains an interactive block schedule timetable, showing you what’s 

playing where and when. If you’re logged in as a Q-dance member (also non-DEDIQATED 

members), you can select your favorite artists by tapping the little heart. Select ‘your 

favorites’ view to create your own personal timetable. Press the button in the top left to 

select which of your favorites you want us to remind you of 30 minutes before. 

Click on the bell icon and you’re good to go! 



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Take as many pictures and video clips as you want and don’t forget to share them by using #defqon1 or #powerofthetribe on your socials or tag us via one of the socials above.

Defqon.1 Warming-up Mix 2024

Get all hyped up for the upcoming edition of Defqon.1 with the Warming-up Mix! This one-hour mix is packed with new music, showcasing the full spectrum of what Defqon.1 has to offer. Prepare to unleash the Power of the Tribe and check it out now via this link.


Defqon.1 playlist 

Get in the mood for Defqon.1 2024 with the official Spotify playlist by Q-dance here.