There are many ways to travel to Defqon.1. Read this information carefully and choose your means of transport. We recommend to travel to Defqon.1 by bus or public transport. Plan your trip in advance with the NS Travel Planner. The NS Travel Planner is updated up to ten days prior to the event, so you can see exactly what this means for your trip. Check the NS Travel Planner before your departure to keep track of the most up-to-date information on your trip. If you are on the go, you can plan your trip with the app 9292 as well.

Public transport 

Our advice is to download the 9292 OV app and navigate to Dronten train station. From there you can use the shuttle bus service to the Defqon.1 festivalsite. Tickets for the shuttle bus service are available in our ticketshop.

Options weekend visitors: 

  • Park + Ride 
  • Shuttle service | Dronten Station 
  • Shuttle service | Utrecht Central Station & Amsterdam Central Station & Schiphol Airport
  • National Pick-Up Points
  • International Pick-Up Points
  • Regular Parking Cards
  • Priority Parking Cards (SOLD OUT)

Options day and weekend visitors: 

  • National Pick-Up Points 
  • International Pick-Up Points 
  • Regular Parking Cards

Please keep in mind that the shuttle bus service is meant for Weekend Warriors. On Saturday and Sunday, you cannot reach Defqon.1 by public transport. There will not be any shuttle buses available surrounding train stations and the festivalsite.

There is no public transport connection when the festival ends on Friday and Saturday.

Planning to leave on Sunday evening? Do not forget that the final shuttle bus leaves before the end of the festival (18:00 – 23:00 to Dronten Station).

We recommend staying until Monday, even true Weekend Warriors need to rest after 4 days of greatness.

Shuttle bus 

If you have a Weekend Ticket, you can buy a shuttle bus ticket from Dronten Station to Defqon.1 Camping Grounds via the Defqon.1 shop  or at the bus stop. Please note that buying a ticket online is cheaper and it will prevent queues at the bus stop.

Departure times shuttle bus 

Dronten to Defqon.1:
Thursday June 27th 10:00 – 20:00 
Friday June 28th 08:00 – 14:00

Defqon.1 to Dronten:
Sunday June 30th 19:00 – 23:00 
Monday July 1st 08:00 – 15:00

When you leave Defqon.1 by bus, please follow the sign ‘Bus Exit’.

Defqon.1 Transfer Service 

One of the most popular traveling options to the Holy Grounds is the Defqon.1 Transfer Service. This transfer takes you from three of the biggest stations in The Netherlands straight to the bus entrance next to the Camping Grounds. On Monday, the transfer will take you back to the station you came from. Keep in mind that the Defqon.1 Transfer Service is exclusively available for those in possession of a Weekend Ticket and only available for Travel Packages.

Departure times Defqon.1 Transfer Service

Amsterdam CS to Defqon.1: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

Amsterdam CS to Holiday Parks: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

Utrecht CS to Defqon.1: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

Utrecht CS to Holiday Parks: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

Schiphol to Defqon.1: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

Schiphol to Holiday Parks: 

Thursday: 10:00 / 15:00 

Friday: 10:00 / 15:00

All buses will return on Monday at 10:00.

Organized bus tours 

If you are traveling from The Netherlands, you can book a bus tour ticket. There are lots of organizations who organize bus tours from many locations in The Netherlands to the Defqon.1 festivalsite. The bus will drop you off and pick you up next to the bus entrance. This way, you will enter the festival faster. After the festival has ended, you need to follow the ‘Bus Entrance' sign again. Check out our transport page here.

Self-organized bus tour 

Are you coming with a self-organized bus tour? Please, register your bus via this link on our website. Please note: When you register your bus prior to the event, this will be free. If you do not register your bus in advance, you will have to pay on site. This registry is only meant for touring cars. Small buses can send a request to


You can use our carpool service from Slinger. Information about this can be found in the Experience tab in the Defqon.1 2024 festival mode (Q-dance app).


Here you can find the most important information about the transfers and shuttles to and from Defqon.1.

When you leave the festival please follow the ‘Bus Exit’ sign to find your bus.

Park + Ride option 

Park your car at our new parking location. Hop on the free shuttle bus, avoid traffic jams and get dropped off in front of the bus entrance, which guarantees access to campsite 1-4. 

If you use the Park + Ride option, you don’t need to buy a shuttle bus ticket, this is already included. The Park + Ride option is available in the Defqon.1 shop.

Perks of the Park + Ride option:  


  • Park your car the whole weekend at a lower rate of 20 euros 
  • Access to the festival or Camping Grounds via the Bus Entrance instead of the regular entrance 
  • Shorter queues upon arrival 
  • Guaranteed of a spot on campsites 1-4 (and you don’t have to cross the infamous bridge)
  • Shuttle bus going from the parking to the Holy Grounds over a designated route, avoiding all traffic jams 


Besides the limitation on drinks - 4.5 litres per person, no more than 15% alcohol - you are allowed to bring one big suitcase and a backpack per person. Things that can be folded, like a tent or a chair, are also allowed. It is not allowed to bring handcarts on the P+R shuttle bus, due to its capacity.

It's possible to go back and forth with the shuttle bus between the following hours: 
Thursday June 27th: 09:00 – 21:00 

Friday June 28th & Saturday June 29th: limited transport availability   

Sunday June 30th: 10:00 – 01:00 

Monday July 1st: 09:00 – 14:00

Park + Ride is only available for camping visitors at these specific times. However we offer 24/7 limited transport from the festivalsite to the Park + Ride area in case you need to go home or if you arrive on Friday.

Address Park + Ride: Harderdijk 9, 3898 LP Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Kiss & Ride 

Are you being dropped off and picked up? Please make sure to follow the “Defqon.1” signs first. After following these signs, the ‘Kiss & Ride’ location will be indicated separately. Please do not choose a different pick-up location after the festival, as some roads may be closed. The ‘Kiss & Ride’ location will be clearly marked on all roads near Defqon.1 for both drivers and visitors. Visitors can also order an Uber during opening hours. If you choose to get an Uber, their pick-up location will be at the Kiss & Ride. The Kiss & Ride is accessible 24 hours a day.

If you are coming through the Kiss & Ride, you will have access to campsites 5 & 6.

Address Kiss & Ride: Spijkweg 30, 8256 RJ Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands


There will be a taxi stand available at the parking area. This location will be clearly marked for both taxi drivers and visitors. Taxis aren’t allowed to stop at other locations. We strongly advise you to arrange a different kind of transportation, since finding a taxi after the event might cause disruption.


Are you driving to Defqon.1 by car? Please follow the yellow 'Parking' signs. For day visits, you can follow the signs that say: 'P day visitors'. 

For weekend parking, you can follow 'P Camping' or 'P Priority'. These routes are clearly marked from all roads. For Park & Ride, you can follow P+R signs. Please check your ticket which parking you need to go to and follow instructions given to you by traffic officers, stewards and/or parking area staff.

Navigation addresses:

Priority Parking: Alkruikweg 23, 8256 RK Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

Regular Parking: Bijsselseweg, 8256 RE Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

Park + Ride: Harderdijk 9, 3898 LP Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Kiss & Ride: Spijkweg 30, 8256 RJ Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

Parking cards:

We have three types of parking cards: 

  • Regular Parking (access to campsite 5-6) 
  • Priority Parking (access to campsite 1-6) 
  • Park + Ride (access to campsite 1-6) 


Campsite 0 is only for visitors who booked an accommodation at The Highlands or The Sanctuary. If you booked an accommodation there you can always get to campsite 0, regardless of which transport you travel with or which parking card you have. The same applies for visitors who booked a spot at The Friends Camp that is located at campsite 1.

Do you have a spot at The Sanctuary, The Highlands, The Friends Camp or are you in possession of a Premium wristband? Then please take the fast lane at each entrance to access campsite 0-4.

As an eco-conscious festival, we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to use organized transportation. By reducing the number of cars heading to Defqon.1, we can also minimize pollution and decrease traffic congestion.


Regular day parking: €20,50 

Regular weekend (4-days): €40,50 

Park + Ride: €20,50 (and free shuttle bus service) 

Priority Weekend (4-days): SOLD OUT

On location 

Regular day parking: €25,- 

Regular weekend parking (4-days): €45,- 

Park + Ride: Only pre booked

Note: If you want to buy your parking card on location, you can only pay with a card. We recommend buying your parking card online. It is cheaper and it will prevent queues at the parking areas.

You only need 1 parking ticket per car, regardless of how many people are in the car. This applies for all parking tickets (Priority, Regular and Park + Ride). If you have a Park + Ride ticket, the shuttlebus service is for free. With a weekend parking ticket, you can enter and leave the parking area once per 24 hours.

With a Priority Parking Card, you’ll have exclusive access to our parking area located at the Northside of Defqon.1, adjacent to campsite 0 (The Sanctuary and The Highlands). You can park your car close to the festivalsite and you have less chance of getting stuck in traffic upon arrival and departure because you come via a different route. If you purchased a Travel & Stay accommodation, you’ll be able to park as close as possible to your accommodation. Keep in mind that Priority Parking is only available in combination with a Defqon.1 Weekend Ticket.

Allowed vehicles 

Be aware we don’t provide any charging points for electric cars. 

The Defqon.1 parking lots are only meant for cars, so it is not allowed to park your camper, caravans, trailers or big vans there. Small vans are allowed (max. 9 passenger van). 

It’s also not allowed to sleep in your car or to camp in surrounding areas outside of the Defqon.1 Camping Grounds. A solar carport has been installed over the Defqon.1 parking area. Because of this, please note that there are limited dimensions for vehicles parking here. You can find these below.

Maximum dimensions 

We strongly recommend traveling to Defqon.1 with cars that have a height of less than 1.90 meters. Cars above this height are not able to park on the normal parking terrain and are therefore referred by the parking attendants to park in another designated area. From there, you will have to walk a longer distance to the entrance of Defqon.1. The maximum dimensions for the solar-carport area is: 4.4 meters length, 1,90 meter width, and 1,90 meter height.

These maximum dimensions do not apply to the Priority Parking and the Park + Ride. With Priority Parking, you will enter campsite 0 (reserved for The Sanctuary & The Highlands) directly, and everyone using the Park & Ride will instantly gain access to campsites 1-4 through the Bus Entrance. The Regular Parking will only gives you access to campsites 5-6.


There will be a bicycle shed, which will be indicated by yellow signs. This bicycle shed is near the bus entrance, and you will be able to enter the event from there. The same counts for visitors who come by foot. 

If you come with an electric bike, it is not allowed to bring the battery to the camping or festivalsite to put in a locker. Leaving the battery on your bike is at your own risk for theft.

Camping spot 

If you come to Defqon.1 by car (Regular Parking), you will get a spot at campsite 5 or 6. If you prefer to stay at another campsite, we highly recommend taking the bus to Defqon.1. Bus attendees (also Park + Ride) are guaranteed a spot on campsite 1-4.

Are some of your friends going by bus and others by car? In this case you can walk over to your friends at campsite 5 and 6 so you can camp together. It is not possible to take your friends, who came by car, to campsite 1-4. Please note that the Priority Parking cards are sold out.