The Path is a digital extension of your Defqon.1 identity, exclusively for DEDIQATED Members. From now on, you can change parts of the app to align with your favorite harder styles subgenre, get experience points by completing specific actions or reaching milestones (Quests), and earn one of 3 ranks. All available now in the Q-dance app. 

Keep reading to discover everything you can expect with The Path such as Quests, Experience Points, Trophies & Badges and Ranks or check out our FAQ for more specific info.

As The Path is a leap into the unknown, we’re seeking feedback! After Defqon.1 2024 a DEDIQATED panel about The Path will be hosted and a survey will be sent to all DEDIQATED members.


The Path introduces Quests that will enhance your journey. Quests contain a selection of legacy and future achievements, either earned at events or online. These actions range from attending Defqon.1, taking a leap of faith at the bungee jump, or other ways of contributing to the tribe in a meaningful way. Quests can be completed and with each completion you will earn experience points (XP) that will add to your rank within the tribe.  

As you complete Quests, you will rise through the ranks. You can find both your current rank and all current and new Quests in the Q-dance app. Be sure to check it frequently to stay up to date! 


Experience points (XP) serve a measure of your current progression in The Path. By completing Quests you accumulate XP, advancing you through the different ranks within The Path. The more XP you earn, the higher your rank will be.

You can find your total XP underneath your username in the profile section of The Path in the Q-dance app. The XP a Quest gives can be found underneath its throphie in the Q-dance app. 


In addition to XP, each Quest also rewards a trophy, symbolizing your accomplishments. There are four types of trophies, ranging from Cardboard, Silver, and Gold to Orange. Each type trophy reflects the difficulty or significance of the Quest that has been completed.

In general the trophies are a measurement for how much XP a Quest will give: E.g. Cardboard Quests offer the least XP, while Orange Quests offer the most. 

Badges can be found on the left side of Quests. You can earn a Badge by completing a Quest, after earning it, it will be colored. Badges will be greyed out if a Quest is not earned yet.


There are a total of 3 different ranks within The Path:

  • Rank 1: Challenger
  • Rank 2: Warrior
  • Rank 3: Choose your specialisation

You are placed in a rank based on your XP. By completing Quests, you will climb through the 3 different ranks within The Path. You can find your current rank and the amount needed to earn your next rank in the profile section of The Path, next to your rank icon. 

Keep reading to find out more about what each rank entails! 

Rank 1: Challenger

New members of the tribe will automatically start in our first rank as a Challenger.

Challengers are the ones who embrace the unknown! Ready to immerse themselves in the pulsating energy of the harder styles, eager to venture on their Path, and finding their role within the tribe. Within our united community, this is their moment to ignite an inner fire that will bind them to the Defqon.1 legacy forever.

Rank 2: Warrior

Once your loyalty has been proven to the tribe, you will officially become a Warrior. 

As they navigate with confidence and begin to explore the sounds that resonate most with their Warrior spirit, their Path becomes clearer. With every step they take on the Holy Grounds, they are immersed in the strong force of Warriors that surround them, of which they are a part. Each day forward, they strengthen the bond that unites them with our tribe.

Rank 3

The Veterans of the tribe! Their Path adorned with badges of honor, from countless years of devotion.

With every step taken, the memories of past triumphs and glorious moments echo. Warriors reaching rank 3 find themselves at a pivotal moment on their Path because, where they get to choose their specialisation.

Choose your way

All Veterans in rank 3 are confronted with a choice that defines their role within the tribe. Though the choices before them all have a certain allure, they can only choose the path that resonates with them most.


A whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, whose very presence electrifies the Festival Grounds! As they unleash their passion alongside their fellow Warriors, they become beacons of energy, igniting a frenzy of movement and euphoria in their wake that inspires others to embrace the alchemy of the harder styles. To witness a Berserker in their element is to experience the power of Defqon.1!


Shamans seek out The Path that pushes boundaries and leads to adventure. In their quest to find the unexpected they transcend time and space, immersing themselves in a journey of discovery. They roam the Holy Grounds with a sense of wonder and curiosity, eager to explore all possibilities that lie before them. Shamans are the ones who discover the hidden gems of both Defqon.1 and the world beyond.


In our world of madness, Guardians stand as a pillar of knowledge, strength and stability among the crowd. Their presence creates a sense of calm in the chaos. With a determined and compassionate heart, these mentors always make decisions with the collective good of the tribe in mind. Whether it's finding the perfect spot at the perfect time, or being there for fellow Warriors in need, Guardians are grounded caregivers who provide balance and embody the spirit of solidarity that defines our Defqon.1 tribe!