Parking cards


  • Friday: €18,00
  • Saturday: €18,00
  • Sunday: €18,00
  • Weekend (4-days): €35,50
  • Priority Weekend (4-days): €70,00 SOLD OUT 

Get yours now

At the event

  • Day parking: €25,-
  • Weekend parking: €45,-

Note: If you want to buy your parking card at the event, you can only pay this by card. We highly recommend you to buy your parking card online.

With a Priority Weekend Parking Card, you’ll have exclusive access to our parking area located at the north side of Defqon.1 on campsite 0. You can park your car close to the festival site. It's located north of Defqon.1, so there’s less chance of getting stuck in traffic upon arrival and departure. If you purchased a Travel & Stay accommodation, you’ll be able to park as close as possible to your accommodation. Keep in mind that Priority Weekend Parking is only available in combination with a Defqon.1 Weekend Ticket.

Spot at the camping

If you get to Defqon.1 by car, you get a spot on camping field 5 or 6. If you prefer to stay at another field, we highly recommend taking the bus to Defqon.1. Bus attendees are guaranteed a spot in camping fields 0-4.

As an eco-conscious festival, we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to use organized transportation. By reducing the number of cars heading to Defqon.1, we can also minimize pollution and decrease traffic congestion. We offer the following transfers:

  • Transfer Service from Utrecht CS, Amsterdam CS or Schiphol Airport. This is only available with a Travel Package.
  • Shuttle Service Dronten CS
  • National Pick-up points
  • International Pick-up points. 

Do you have a spot at The Sanctuary, The Highlands, The Friendscamp or are you in possession of a Premium wristband? Then please take the fastlane at each entrance to access campsite 0-4.

Are you coming by car, but are your camping friends in possession of a Priority Parking Card that allows them to stay at Campsite 0? In that case, you can still join them at Campsite 0, even when you arrive at Defqon.1 via the car entrance near Campsites 5 & 6. Head over to the Q-travel Help Desk located next to the bridge and show the Priority Parking Card of your friends to the stewards. They will provide you with a stamp that allows you to cross the bridge with your stuff so you can join your friends at Campsite 0.

Visit here our weekend transport page for more information.

Can I volunteer at Defqon.1?

Yes, you can become part of the Defqon.1 Revolution crew. We are offering several packages, consisting of different kinds of activities whereby you can work at the festival grounds. Pick one that suits your party schedule and stay at the special designated Revolution Camping area together with the whole team from the 21st until the 26th of June. Still have other questions? You can reach out to 


There are no ATMs available at Defqon.1, but you can use your card to purchase tokens, merchandise and specials like attractions.

Accepted payment methods

  • Maestro
  • V PAY
  • Debit Mastercard
  • Visa debit
  • Mastercard credit
  • Visa credit
  • American Express
  • Cash

Groepie by Tikkie

Splitting a group bill during Defqon.1? Use the Groepie feature in the Tikkie app and share all of your group’s expenses. You can even win back the costs of your Defqon.1 weekend. Among the users, Groepie will select a Warrior who wins the complete spent amount! Make sure to have ‘Defqon.1’ as your group name in order to participate. 

You can use Groepie

For more information, visit the terms & conditions here.


Every camping trip needs a decent barbecue. Make sure you use a disposable barbecue. It is not allowed to bring a gas barbecue or gas bottles. You can bring a small gas stove with a maximum capacity of 400g gas.

Setting up your own tent

Please consult with our camping stewards before setting up your tent. They will help you find the perfect spot. Only tents are allowed at the campsite. You can’t bring a car, camper, caravan or tent trailer. You can use your tent again next year, so don’t forget to take it down and take it home. Still need a tent? Defqon.1 pick-up tents can still be ordered via this link


Do you want to get some breakfast before you enter the festival again or did you forget your toothbrush? The Store has your back. Here you can buy anything from bread and coffee to toiletries. There is a store located at all three Wasted Lands. You can also buy food and drinks from the foodstalls at the Festival Grounds and the Wasted Lands. 


  • Shampoo
  • Douche gel
  • Deodorant
  • Tandenborstel
  • Tandpasta
  • Tampons
  • Maandverband
  • Vochtige doekjes
  • Condooms
  • Hand- en wasgel, wassen zonder water
  • Lensvloeistof
  • Pleister setje
  • Borstel
  • Styling Gel
  • Haar elastiekjes
  • Kam
  • Zonnebrand en aftersun 400ml
  • Lip balsem
  • Aftersun
  • Handdoeken
  • Grondzeilen
  • Earplugs


There’s no possibility to buy cigarettes on the camping grounds or festival grounds.

Deodorant and perfume

It's allowed to take spray deodorant and perfume bottles with you to the campsite. Because of safety reasons, you cannot take this with you to the festival site. Rollers or sticks are fine though.

Disabled visitors

Are you, or are you coming together with a disabled visitor? We have several facilities available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There’s a special parking area available for disabled visitors. Please make sure to check-in with the parking stewards and they will help you out. When entering the festival, wider entrance facilities will be available to make sure that you can enter the festival without any trouble. Special equipped toilets are available throughout the entire event area. We also offer special equipped showers at campsite 4. If you need assistance with one of the above-mentioned facilities, don’t hesitate to talk to the available staff. 

*Note: Premium decks aren’t accessible for wheelchair users.


The drugs policy at Defqon.1 is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of drugs are prohibited. This also includes weed and hash. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.

Celebrate safe

During Defqon.1 we celebrate safely. If you have any questions about the use of alcohol or other drugs, you're welcome for a chat at the Celebrate Safe stand supported by Unity. Unity is an open-minded harm reduction project active in the Dutch party scene. Their volunteers are to be found near the info stand on the festival grounds. On Thursday from 18:00 till 22:00, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 till 22:00 and Sunday from 12:00 till 22:00. When you or a friend is not feeling well, please go to the First Aid. Go to this page for more information and tips.

First Aid

There are three First Aid stations available. The first one is located near campsite 1, the second one is located on campsite 5 and the third is next to the RED stage. The First Aid at campsites 1 and 5 are only available for camping visitors. You can ask security for help as well. The First Aid next to the RED stage is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the festival opening hours.

Flasks at  Defqon.1

It is possible to pump your breasts at the first aid and keep your milk cooled. 

Cool EpiPen

Are you in need of an EpiPen? It is possible to leave your EpiPen cooled at the first aid. Tell the security guards about your epipen and bring it directly to first aid.


You can bring as much bags as you like. We do not have a maximum size for the bags on the camping grounds. If you go only one day, you can only bring 1 backpack to the festival terrain.


Only small speakers with a maximum of 50 Watt are allowed at the camping grounds. Please be aware to think about your neighbours on the campsite.

Food and drinks on the camp site

You’re allowed to bring food and drinks when you enter the camp site for the first time. You can bring all the food you want, but there’s a limit to the amount of beverages; a maximum of 4,5 liters per person for soft drinks and drinks that contain less than 14,5% alcohol. Bottles made out of glass, strong liquors and dry ice are prohibited. It is allowed to bring supplements such as Whey protein, creatine and sport supplements (also with caffeine, please use in a responsible manner). Bringing your food and drinks from the campsite to the festival isn’t allowed.

Food on the Festival Grounds

We offer a wide range of delicious meals on the festival grounds. From burgers, fries, wraps till fruit and smoothies. Every stand communicates the allergens or informs you about this on request. At the food stands you can see what you can buy including the price.

Leaving the Caming Grounds

You are allowed to leave and return the Defqon.1 Camping Grounds as often as you’d like. You and your belongings will be checked by entrance security each time you enter the campsite. Please note that you can only bring your food and drinks on to the Camping Grounds the first time you enter the camping. When you leave the Camping Grounds and get back, it is not possible to bring new drinks and food to your campsite. 

Lockers on the Camping Grounds

We’ve got 3 different kinds of lockers: Regular, Large and Extra Large. You can get a day locker or a weekend locker. You can find the lockers on the Camping Grounds and at the Festival Grounds.

Be aware: These prices are online prices! The offline prices are more expensive while buying it directly on the Festival or Camping Grounds.


Valuta unit price

Unite price

Camping locker 4 days - Extra Large



Camping locker 4 days - Large



Camping locker 4 days - Regular



Festival locker Friday - Large



Festival locker Friday - Regular



Festival locker Saturday - Regular



Festival locker Saturday - Large



Festival locker Sunday - Regular



Festival locker Sunday - Large



Festival locker Weekend - Regular



Festival locker Weekend - Large



Buy your locker here and go directly to the Add-ons shop.

Lost and found

If you have found something that doesn’t belong to you, please bring it to the nearest info stand. There are three info stands. You can find the three different info stands on The Wasted Lands, Campsite 5 and at the festival site. After the festival, all found items are settled by iLost. When you arrive home and you realize that you lost something, go to and search for your lost item. If you found your lost item on the website, you can contact iLost and they will be of further assistance.


During Defqon.1 Alpine earplugs will be available at the Alpine earplug booth and at the Merchandise stands. With music above 87 dB it is highly recommended to use earplugs with a special music filter. With these earplugs you can still hear the music perfectly, conversations remain intelligible and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage and the annoying ringing after the event. The organization recommends using earplugs or occasionally visiting some of the quiet areas to give your ears some rest. The organization is not liable for any negative consequences that may occur.

Camp Gear store

Forgot something? Check-out the products we have for sale at the Camp Gear Store below:

  • The official 2023 Defqon.1 tent with bag €169,99
  • Double size airbed (180x140x22 cm) €34,99
  • Defqon.1 sleeping bag for 1 person €34,99
  • Pillow €19,99
  • Electric light including batteries €12,49
  • Chair €34,95
  • 3-digit number lock €9,99
  • Tent pegs, 4 in a bag €4,99

Camp Gear stores are located on all three Wasted Lands.


You are allowed to bring medication with you, but only the maximum daily amount. The packaging has to be closed. The security might ask you for a doctor’s recipe. Therefore, it is obligated to have your doctor’s recipe with you. 


There will be strict age and identity checks at the entrance, so be sure you bring your ID (drivers license, ID-only, passport). The minimum age for visiting Defqon.1 is 18 years (A copy of your ID is not valid).

Photography/video and audio recording

You’re allowed to bring a digital photo or video camera to Defqon.1 Festival. All types of cameras are allowed. It doesn't matter how big or professional they are. 

Do you want to upload a video on YouTube? Keep in mind that the music on your video may be claimed by an organization. The organization has the right to block your video. Do not forget the rules of the other channels.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring a drone with you to Defqon.1. It is not allowed to fly over the public or near the public. It’s allowed to bring a selfie stick but only with a maximum size of 1 meter. During the show, we will have lots of 4K cameras running to record the shows. We advise you not to film but enjoy the show! We will make an amazing edit for you to never forget!

Recycle system

Together, we will keep the Festival Grounds clean. You will receive one recycle token when you arrive. Hand in this token when you buy your first drink. You will get a cup, can or bottle for free with your drink. Don’t throw away your cup, bottle or can. You can hand in your cup, bottle or can at the bar or at one of the various recycling points. They can be recognized by the recycle flag. Lost the cup, bottle or can? You pay half a token extra with your next drink for a new cup, bottle or can. There will also be plenty of bins to separate your food waste. Please remind each other that it is everyone's own responsibility to keep the festival grounds clean.


Cut off the route to the exit! From the RED you can go to the left past the PURPLE stage. This shortcut is also displayed on the terrain. For the Friday, Saturday and Sunday day visitors we recommend the shortcut to take the fastest way to the exit. The camping visitors can walk straight from the RED towards the afterparty.


Especially for our campsite visitors we have created some areas for the ultimate bathhouse experience. Our music team will provide you with some relaxing beats and vibes to unwind and recharge while you wait for your hard-earned shower.


All consumptions need to be paid for with tokens. Get your tokens at the token desks at the campsite or at the festival site. We do not refund unused tokens. The authenticity of tokens will be carefully checked. We don’t accept last year's tokens and the tokens can be refunded after the event. Don’t buy tokens anywhere else except the official selling points, because there is a chance that fake tokens might be sold elsewhere. You cannot buy anything with these fake tokens and the scammer will get away with your money.

Phone charging

You can rent a charging device for your mobile phone at the charging stands at The Wasted Lands  and next to the GOLD at the festival area. You can also buy a charging device for your mobile phone at the merchandise stands. 

Water bars

We will place water bars at the Defqon.1 festival site and at the Camping Grounds. At the water bars, you can easily refill your water bag. You can purchase your water bag at the water bar for two tokens.


The Dutch weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather: 

  • Bring the right clothing with you, for day and night time. 
  • Bring sun lotion. You can bring sunscreen in a new, sealed package. Sunscreen is also available at the festival stores. 
  • Stay hydrated! Drink enough water during the day. 
  • Keep eating, we recommend salty food when it is hot. 
  • Take your time: relax at one of our chill areas. 
  • Avoid spending too much time in the sun. 
  • Watch out with alcohol or drugs, especially with high temperatures. 
  • Last but not least, don’t forget your craziest Sunday Funday outfit!


You can buy 10.000mah branded power banks from the merchandise stands or market stands. And you can rent a power bank at the phone charge stand at the festival or wasted lands. Please note: These power banks don’t come with a charging cable, please bring your own or buy these at the stands.


Defqon.1 physical album

Q-dance and Be Yourself Music proudly present you Defqon.1 2023 Path of the Warrior – the album. A 4CD filled with the best hardstyle, raw, hardcore and uptempo tracks of the moment, showcasing the diversity of the harder styles and everything else you can find on Defqon.1. Mixed by none other than anthem creators Sub Zero Project, Cryex, and Angerfist. They take you on a trip from euphoric gems, to the best of RAW and from the best hardcore vibes to finishing with 200bpm! In addition, we have an extra Colors of Defqon CD with all the different music colors that this fantastic festival has to offer!

Highlighted tracks:

  •       Sub Zero Project - Path Of The Warrior (Defqon.1 2023 Anthem)
  •       D-Block & S-te-Fan & Headhunterz - Keepers Of Our Legacy
  •       Rooler & Sickmode - TOO HAPPY
  •       Cryex - Out There
  •       Warface - Down To Earth
  •       Angerfist - Blackness (Defqon.1 2023 BLACK OST)
  •       Dr. Peacock - Swallow It
  •       Atmozfears & Sound Rush - Warriors Unite
  •       Gunz For Hire - Executioner Style (Vertile Remix)
  •       Unproven - Dirty Thoughts

Signing sessions

Do you want your new Defqon.1 merchandise autographed by your favorite artist? Make sure to be at the merchandise stand near the BLACK on Friday evening at 19:00 CEST. Here you can get your CD signed by Angerfist and Cryex.

There will be signing session with Sub Zero Project at the merchandise stand near the BLACK on Saturday evening at 19:00 CEST. 

Sunday Funday outfit
What would be Sunday Funday without a colorful outfit? Make sure you're fully prepared to immerse yourself in the world of madness during the craziest day of Defqon.1 and wear your favorite items to the Festival Grounds. Still need some inspiration? We're providing you with the official Defqon.1 2023 Sunday Funday outfit in the Q-dance Merchandise Store. Click here to check it out.