Make sure you have your tickets ready on your mobile phone, or printed before entering the event. Please make sure you bring the right tickets with the year ‘2023’ on it.

Are there still tickets available?

We only have some Fresh Friday tickets, Premium Fresh Friday tickets and Premium Sunday tickets left. Make sure to get yours now.

Where can I find my Defqon.1 2023 ticket?

You’ve received an email from Paylogic to personalize your tickets. After personalizing, you’ll receive an e-mail to download your tickets. Click on the following link in case you haven’t received your tickets after successfully personalizing them. Please note that only the main buyer will receive this e-mail.

Where can I find my personalization email?

You can use this link to personalize your tickets. Please note that only the main buyer will receive the tickets.

Can I upgrade my tickets to Premium or VIP?

It’s not possible to upgrade your regular Defqon.1 tickets to Premium.

I’ve listed the wrong name on my ticket while personalizing:

You can still change the name via the Ticket Transfer tool. You can change the language in the upper right corner.

The Ticket Transfer tool isn’t working:

Please contact Paylogic here if you have any other questions regarding the Ticket Transfer tool. They are able to check more specific information about your order.

Can I sell my tickets on Ticketswap?

Yes, it’s possible to sell your tickets via Ticketswap. We don't recommend buying your tickets via other platforms aside from our website or Ticketswap. Q-dance is not responsible if you buy fake or second-hand tickets.